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How to pick the right hotel for your next destination

We’ve all been there. The chore of choosing a hotel from the thousands available out there is anything but easy. You have to take several aspects into consideration, and they might range from your budget to your requirements in terms of interior design, the view from your room, and overall cleanliness.

We’ve put together a list of tips and tricks that might be able to help you select your accommodation a little more conveniently and efficiently the next time you leave your home and head out for your next adventure.

Start with your price bracket

The cost of the accommodation matters quite a bit, at least for most people. Unless you’ve saved a lot of money for your dream vacation and you plan on indulging in absolutely everything, you may have to look at what it’s going to cost you to stay at one hotel or the next.

There are several reasons why hotels can be expensive. Some look good and come with all of the conveniences that you might need, while others are less appealing from a visual standpoint, but they are located in the center of the city you want to visit.

If what you’re going to go on is a city break, we suggest you choose a somewhat budget-friendly hotel that’s more or less close to the center but not smack in the middle of it. Part of the pleasure of visiting a new city comes from the fact that you will be able to walk on your own and experience the life of the people who regularly live there. Grab your boxing shoes from Adidas or some other brand and get walking to the destinations that appeal to you.

Location, location

Since not all folks travel because of pleasure, you may have to bear in mind the time you have available and whether or not you’re willing to waste it by taking public transport or walking to and from your hotel.

Educational conferences and congresses, as well as a wide array of other events, typically take place in halls that aren’t in the center of the town because these spaces need to accommodate a lot of people.

Therefore, sometimes it might make more sense for you to pick a hotel that’s close to the event you want to attend than get one that’s in the center of the town and then have to spend a minimum of at least two to three hours per day in public transport just so you can reach the congress hall.


Just how picky are you when it comes to your hotel room? Do you want it to be designed in accordance with the latest trends or you have no preference whatsoever in this sense?

Most people find that they want somewhere cozy where they can just rest. The convenience ensured by a bathroom in your room is undeniable, but it doesn’t all boil down to that. If you’re abroad and want to keep tabs on your family and friends, you need a reliable WiFi connection so that you can talk to them on Hangouts or Skype.

Besides, there are loads of other things that you should keep in mind such as the fact that the hotel should come with a small restaurant where you can grab a bite to eat if you’re too tired to go out anymore.