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How to Plan the Perfect Adventure Vacation

Whether you’re traveling solo or as part of a couple, planning the perfect adventure vacation is one of the fun parts of the whole experience. There are people who enjoy the lead up to the vacation just as much as the actual event because they get to work out every small step along the way.

Here are a few helpful ideas to use for initial planning for your next vacation adventure.

What’s the Destination?

You probably already have a bucket list of future destinations if you’re anything like most people. If you are traveling with a partner, what is their ideal place to travel to? Sit down and brainstorm some ideas together. Get a few travel brochures or look at a few websites on a tablet or laptop to get an idea where there are, what they look like and whether they appeal to both of you.

Lodging matters

Your adventure can start from the moment you touch down and reach your living quarters. Stray away from hotels and experience the country like a local. Most countries have a system for renting out houses and apartments, such as CasaGo in Cabo, or VRBO, which covers various countries.This way you can not only experience the country like a resident would, you can get to know the renter and they can let you in on a lot of local secrets.

Planned Activities List

When you both wish to go on an adventure vacation, then clearly you enjoy staying active and not just sitting on the beach for 10 days. You already probably know what you most enjoy doing when you’re active, but if your partner is a new one, maybe you’re not sure what they enjoy in this regard. So, ask them and see what the common activities are that you both enjoy and can do together.

There will be local tour operators who specialize in certain adventure activities. Whether that’s kayaking on the nearby lake, rock climbing, or trekking into the mountains, if the activity is a local one, there’ll be more than one company that’s got that activity covered. It is a good idea to know what you might be getting involved with though, so you can bring any clothing, footwear, and other wear that is best suited to it, i.e. mountain boots for climbing, swimsuit for kayaking, etc.

Make Sure You’re Properly Covered

Depending on what activities you have planned, make sure that you have travel insurance that covers the activity. Policies often exclude the more dangerous adventure activities or advise customers to buy a specialized policy that covers the more extreme sports and adventure vacation spots. Check the policy before you travel to be sure.

Group Travel, As a Couple or Solo?

There are times when group adventure travel through organized trips makes the most sense, either because it’s the easiest way to visit somewhere remote or because you enjoy meeting like-minded people who get the same thrill from adventure travel as you do.

Other times, going off on excursions with just you and the guide or as a couple is more fun because it’s a personal experience unsullied by other people photobombing your Instagram photo on location. Trying to get some alone time is difficult when you go on group travel, so have a good think about what you want to do before you book anything.

Planning the ideal adventure vacation is fun and interesting to do. There are so many options for places to go, things to see and activities to jump into that the hardest thing is narrowing down the choices to a small handful.