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How to Toss a Stag do celebration in a cruise Your Mates Will not Forget

Are you looking for ideas on what to do for your best mate’s stag weekend? There are plenty of options available. Whether this means staying in good old Blighty or travelling overseas, why not try something different and take your mates on a stag weekend cruise they will never forget?

You are probably thinking this is a rather strange suggestion, after all cruises are just for the old folk, aren’t they? Well, this is not entirely true because cruises have changed somewhat in recent years. In fact, many cruise operators have made the wise decision of targeting a considerably younger audience and are now opting for special stag-do celebratory cruises as part of their packages. Indeed, cruises are no longer just about a simple game of shuffleboard followed by a night with some ‘Sinatra wannabe’, as they are now geared up to give the younger generation a time to remember.

Why Choose a Cruise?

If the idea still hasn’t convinced you, here are a few reasons why a cruise may just be the answer to your stag-do plans. First, going on a stag weekend cruise is, if nothing else, certainly something different. Imagine the look on your mate’s faces when, thinking they will probably be off for a weekend in Blackpool, you tell them that they are heading off for the Mediterranean. These cruises always include the best of evening entertainment, from comedians and impressionists to magicians and illusionists. Your evening will always at least begin or end with a bang, so to speak.

Stag do celebration in a cruise
Stag do celebration in a cruise

Furthermore, with a cruise there is no need to worry about arranging accommodation or looking for quality restaurants as this will all be available on-board. It should also be included in the package, but it is sensible to check this before booking a cruise. There is no need for taxis. The nights will not have to end with the entertainer, either, as there will be plenty of options for late-night drinking and dancing. However, if that is not enough you could always hop off at one of the stop points and get plastered in town. Finally, going on a cruise will give you the opportunity of doing something you have undoubtedly always wanted to do: dress up like a sailor.

Making Plans

The first thing you will have to do as the designated organiser will be to do some pretty extensive research. Going online to find out more about stag weekends abroad will be vital. However, making arrangements for a stag-weekend cruise is not as simple as other options and attempting a do-it-yourself booking online is definitely not recommended. The far better option is to find yourself a decent travel agency and liaise with them as much as possible.

However, perhaps the most important point to remember is to plan sufficiently ahead. Not only will this mean you are likely to land the best deal available, but it will also ensure you can make suitable reservations on cabins to ensure you and your mates are not sleeping on opposite sides of the ship (although this may end up happening at some point). Further reservations for aspects such as spa treatments or restaurant group bookings can also be made without hiccups, provided that you don’t leave them until the last minute.

You should also liaise with your travel agency to see whether you can land yourself some special discounts. Some operators, for example, might offer discounts that include a free cabin if your group is large enough (generally speaking, discounts are offered for groups of 16 people or more).

You will also need to make sure that you and all the other group members set yourselves a budget. Consult with every member of the group before making any arrangements because some members may be more restricted in terms of their budget than others. Also bear in mind that the tradition is for each member to contribute to the fare of the fiancé. In addition, talk to them about possible pairings as the majority of cruise ship cabins will be let on a sharing basis.

Finally, check what stop-offs may be involved and make plans in advance as to what you may get up to in each port of call. Some places will be easy, offering plenty of worthwhile attractions in town. Others, however, may need more advanced planning as they may be a distance from any attractions at all.

AUTHOR: Donna Baxter provides articles on travel for a number of online blogs and websites. To find out more about stag weekends abroad, read more of Donna’s entries on the subject.