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How to Travel Safely Alone Abroad

Everyone who gets the opportunity of travelling abroad is always excited and thrilled. As since childhood some wish to fly abroad and explore different locations on earth. When you have to travel alone, you feel that you have got the freedom to explore the world till your heart’s content. Travelling abroad alone is always going to be an enthralling and exciting event of an individual’s life. However it involves certain risks and one needs to be extremely careful.

Today, we present few survival tips which will save your day while travelling alone abroad.

Precautions at time of travelling

It’s always said that safety begins at home.  So the first step which you have to take is while you are backpacking. You should make sure that you do not carry any heavy jewellery or valuables which can draw attention of the wrong doers. Always prepare yourself to travel light. As with light weight you can always move at a faster pace and occupy less space. Make sure that you don’t keep your luggage unattended. Keep your valuable items like passport, credit cards, cash etc. at the specified places where no one can reach, except you. Ensure that all the above mentioned items are placed tight, so that no one can trace it.

You are advised to avoid handy purses, fanny packs and outside pockets which are sure shot target for the snatchers. If you are acquainted with glasses then you should surely take at least two pairs of it. Also make yourself comfortable by taking all the required medicines along with you, as a precautionary measure. To avoid customs hassles, you should carry the prescriptions of medicines along with you, in case required for vigilance.. Always carry passport photocopies along with you. Also ensure that you have added Name, address and your contact number on each luggage box which you are carrying along.

Aware of Laws and traditions

Whenever you plan to visit abroad, you should be aware of the laws of the country in which you are travelling. You should learn the customs and laws which are prevailing over there. There are wide ranges of sources from where you can learn. Some of the sources which can be mentioned are libraries, Internet connections, Travel agents, embassies, tourist organizations etc. Keep track of the recent developments taking place in the country.

Arrangements before Travel

You should plan your itinerary according to your stay plans over there. For planning your travel you can interact with different travel agents and choose from the best holiday packages. Holiday agencies nowadays offer heavy discounts ranging from £35 off all inclusive holidays at selected venues by preferred agencies.

Considering the terms and conditions of course These agencies also help in providing accommodations at the reasonable rates by offering discounts on rooms from £25 to £30 or can be extended depending on the need of the hours. Request your travel agent to book your rooms in the hotel which is well secured and furnished with appropriate safety measures. Insurance is another point which should be taken care of. In which you should check for the insurance cover of your health- whether it provides you the availing facility over there or not.

Travel Safely Alone Abroad
Travel Safely Alone AbroadGreg Annandale / Travel Photos / CC BY-NC

Ensure that you purchase the insurance policy for travellers. As the travellers’ policy is appropriate for the end users as it covers the short term health issues.