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How to Use Instagram to Market Your Travel Website

Instagram is the perfect vehicle to market your travel website. It is all visual based, and the level of engagement you get from Instagram users is unparalleled when compared to other platforms.

It’s more than just adding a bunch of travel photos and waiting to see what happens. You’ve got to work the system and give people something of value so they start following you and become a long-term visitor to your Instagram page and to your site.

Here are some tips to get you started:

Post Incredible Travel Pictures

The easiest way to develop a following for your Instagram page is to put some jaw-dropping travel pictures on your page. These pictures should make people want to hit the heart icon and add a comment. Each one should have a wow factor that makes people follow you and look forward to your next post.

So be picky! If you don’t have any good photos you’ll need to buy some stock photos or hire someone to take some. Or plan a trip to a cool place each month and take lots of great pics. Then you can slowly add them to your Instagram account so people always have something new hitting their feed from you.

Add an Eye-Catching Video

You aren’t limited to just photographs on Instagram, you can just as easily add a video. With the right video you can get more likes and more people talking about what’s in the video than you can with a picture alone.

One type of video that works extremely well on Instagram is an explainer video. This is because there’s always an animation taking place that correlates to what is being talked about in the video. Idea Rocket Animation can make these types of videos and you’ll see just how many likes you end up getting.

Use Relevant Hashtags

One way to bring more traffic to your Instagram posts and eventually your website is to use hashtags that are already trending to pull in new Instagram users.

You can also start your own hashtag and hope that it catches on. You could make a hashtag like #BestAirportRestaurants and start a collection of delicious food from airport restaurants. There’s virtually an unlimited amount of travel related hashtag ideas you could start.

Connect With Your Audience

You can give your travel website a voice when it has its own Instagram account. You can create a totally different persona for the website and interact with people as if you are the travel website itself. You’ll find that people will follow you and like your posts much more when they get a response to their comments from the account owner.

What sets apart the top Instagram users from the ones who never generate a following is how well you create a sense of humanity behind the account. The more people know there’s a real person behind the scenes, the more likely they are to continue to interact and remain a fan.

With these four tips you’ll be gaining a following and driving traffic to your travel website in no time!