Jaco Costa Rica Beach Parties

Jaco Costa Rica Beach Parties

Jaco Beach is a small coastal town in Costa Rica that the locals refer to as the

Jaco Beach is a small coastal town in Costa Rica that the locals refer to as the “city of surf.” This popular tourist location in Central America is a must-see vacation getaway destination to experience a true tropical paradise. Jaco is a popular beach destination packed with fishermen, surfers, and plenty of partiers that spend weekends at the Beach, since it’s only a brief drive from San Jose. Nestled on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, Jaco Beach features some of the best surfing conditions in the world and a thriving social scene.


Each year, Jaco Beach hosts a multitude of special events, including weddings, birthday parties, and bachelor nights. Jaco is only one hour away from the San Jose Airport, making transport for vacationers simple with the new highway recently opened to the public. Less than three miles from Jaco is Herradura Beach – home to the Los Suenos Marriott Ocean and Gold Resort. Many guests of the resort travel to Jaco Beach for its large array of restaurants and nightlight options. Jaco Beach is the perfect destination for holding a party of any kind.

Along the nearly two miles of sandy beaches on the town’s main road, you’ll find various restaurants, hotels, bars, and shops. Jaco is a popular town for its surfing, sport fishing, and adventure tours. If you want to keep close to the business but prefer the tranquil aspects of the party town, stick to the south side of Jaco Beach. Gaze upon the beautiful sunset over the horizon of the ocean and select from various flavors of cuisine, from seafood to Argentinian steak houses.

Jaco is well-recognized for its tropical beach that makes for the ideal party location. There is a large array of bars with live DJs with all types of dance music and live bands that play Calypso, Rock, Latin, Reggae, and other genres of music. There are also disco and dance clubs available nightly and each is usually packed with locals and vacationers of all ages. Jaco also has several exotic clubs and night clubs where you can find some of the most beautiful women in Central America. Parties go on until the sun comes up in this premier party location.

Jaco is known as the “city of surf” for good reason. The surfing conditions are nearly perfect year round with constant 9 to 16 foot waves for surfers to ride. When combined with the beautiful warm weather, a trip to Jaco Beach for surfers is a must. Due to the favorable conditions, Jaco held the World Masters Surfing Championship in 2009, sponsored by the International Surf Association. This major surfing event illustrates just a little of what Jaco has to offer.

This coastal town is well-known as the party capital of Costa Rica, and for good reason. The excitement is not rambunctious and loud, but rather subdued and laid back. Most vacationers will find that Jaco is filled with friendly and courteous people. Latin-hospitality is commonly seen and the people of Jaco Beach carry on this magnificent cultural tradition.

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