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Looking Stylish on a Long Haul Flight

Often when heading off for a luxury holiday long haul flights are involved. Depending on the class you fly it is possible to arrive at your holiday destination having had a sleep and generally feeling quite refreshed, however, several hours, or more, on a cramped plane may mean you don’t look refreshed or stylish. Here are some of our best tips to allow yourself to look your best when you disembark from the plane.

Take lots of entertainment.

Keeping yourself occupied may stop you worrying if you are a nervous flyer and can help to avoid you looking frazzled when you finally land after many hours in the air. Packing an iPod or iPad full of music and some magazines can help you keep up to date with current music as well as look up the latest fashions to keep you looking your best.

Get your beauty sleep.

Sleep is something we all need and often falling asleep on a plane can be incredibly difficult. When flying long haul, and if you are a nervous flyer, consider talking to your doctor about medication to aid sleep, alternatively, look at natural remedies such as Kalms tablets.

Using items such as a beauty eye mask, face product and neck pillow can all aid your relaxation on a plane and help you get that much needed beauty sleep. Avoid caffeine or alcohol as this will just help to stimulate your mind and prevent sleep for a number of hours, also, alcohol is dehydrating and can dry out your skin leaving you looking not so fresh on arrival.

Pack make-up in your hand luggage.

Take along some facial wipes, foundation, concealer, lip balm and mascara. These small items can make a huge difference to your stylish look upon landing and a quick five minutes with your make-up brushes can take away that tired look in a matter of minutes!

Choose your outfit wisely

While it may be practical to want to wear loose fitting clothes and then change before you land in the bathroom this can be difficult. Think about items that do not crease when folded in to your hand luggage. Look at leggings, simple black trousers or heavier thread counts of linen and team with loose flowing tops and light sandals or flip flops. A pashmina or shawl can act as a shield should the weather not be what you’re expecting upon arrival and should be coordinated with a linen or jute tote bag. Coordinate your accessories with your outfit and remember that head scarves or clips are a great way to tame an unruly mess of hair when you don’t have your straighteners. A few simple bangles and a neck scarf can really bring your outfit together with style and poise.

When flying be sure to look after yourself. Keep yourself hydrated with water and get as much sleep as possible. By changing your outfit just before landing you will be wearing fresh, clean clothes and getting sleep will help you to look fresh faced. Always have transport details with you for your arrival at the airport to prevent the need to rush around looking for information.

This article was written by Carley who is a freelance travel writer for Elegant Resorts and writes about luxury holidays.Image via Flickr