Mount Kenya Hiking Guide

Mount Kenya Hiking Guide

We offer you inexpensive, personally adapted guidance and help with your planning and execution of tracking, hiking or climbing Mount Kenya.

This massive old volcano offers a very wide variety of sceneries, tracking routes and sights from its peak areas.
If you want to go straight for climbing, we can help you in planning and executing your climb.
Do you instead like hiking or tracking, we will help you with that. We will also adapt to your wishes to visit particular sights, sceneries, fauna or flora.
Basic facilities include guide, carrier(s), and cook.

Since we are ourselves mountain people and have worked in these various capacities for a long time, we provide hands-on experience and advice. This includes
time-of the year weather, equipment needed depending on your plans (clothing, etc.), personal fitness required, and time to be allowed for the trip and other questions you may have.

We are obliged to give you the best possible quality of services possible.


After completing my high school education I started working in Mt Kenya as a porter, that was back in 1994 though my passion to climb the mountain started way back when I was a kid. In 1996 I joined Mount Kenya Rescue Team and in time of writing this still working with the team; this is a team of highly qualified individual with vast experience on the mountain deployed all year round by the Kenya Wildlife Service to offer rescue service to climbers/hikers who fall sick, get lost or had an accident on the mountain. In 1996 I attended a First Aid course that was organized by the British Army and was awarded a certificate. 1997 I did an Outdoor Leadership Course organized by the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS). With the experience I had acquired I started practicing as freelance guide.

Working as a guide on the mountain is not just my business but one thing that make me feels that am in a position to help those who have passion to climb the second mountain in Africa have an experience worth to remember. In the year 2000 I started working with a company based in Nairobi that organize  hiking trips for international schools in Kenya and worldwide. In order to further my First Aid knowledge in the year 2004 took a course that was organized by Stoneheart (SOLO) and the American Heart Association on wilderness emergency Medicine and Heart Savers.

In 2003 I started training as a technical guide and have been to Nalion 5188M and Batian 5199 more than enough times. I offer a more personalized service to climbers with no middlemen involved.  All the helpers I work with are well qualified, experienced people of good conduct and character and most of them speak English well. I believe that it’s through the challenges that you climbers offer us that make our service provision better every passing day.

Go ahead and give us that challenge!!

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