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Mumbai, a city that never sleeps

Mumbai is famous as the financial capital of India and is the capital state of Maharashtra. It is also known as the City of Dreams and true to its name, it is where people from all over India come and try their luck. The reason for it might be because of it being the financial hub or the presence of Bollywood here. Nevertheless, one is always in awe of Mumbai.

Mumbai is one of the most populated cities of India and one can see the diversity in the numbers. Another striking fact or visual that one can see in Mumbai is the how the rich and the poor in Mumbai co-exist in the same environment. The slums of India are also today very famous, all credit to the Hollywood movie ‘Slumdog Millionaire’. One can see these slums as well the big companies standing in the same piece of land.

Apart from the people, Mumbai is also known for its architectural beauty. The buildings that were built during the time of British rule are still standing tall for everyone to see. The lanes filled with big ancient buildings, mighty tall trees and a small cafe around the corner defines Mumbai.

Mumbai is also known for being religious and one can see several temples. The most famous temple is the Shree Siddhivinayak temple. One can also visit the Haji Ali Dargah and be in awe of the beauty and get amused with the history behind the place. Another place that one should visit is the Elephanta caves which have beautiful rock cut art inside its caves.

Mumbai beach

One place that is close to Mumbai is Tarkarli. Popular among the tourists for Singhudurg, one of Maharashtra’s very popular sea forts, this place is a mixture of beautiful white sand and beautiful beaches. With just 481 kms away from Mumbai, one can easily reach here by hiring a Mumbai to Tarkarli car rental.

Tarkarli is also best known for the water sports and beautiful marine ecosystem. People also visit this place for Dolphins. However, despite all of that this place is still not discovered by many and hence is an ideal destination for everyone trying to get away from the city life.

Another close by place that one can opt from Mumbai is Saputara. With just 248 kms away from Mumbai, it is popular for being a hill station with a lot to offer to one and all. The place is filled with numerous picturesque sites. Not just that one can also opt for boating as well as can also enjoy trekking in their trails. This place should be a must on the list of every nature lover.

Not just for the nature lovers, the place also has a lot to offer to any wildlife enthusiast and adventure sports junkie. Another fact that makes Saputara unique is the regard that the locals of the place have for snakes and one can observe how snakes are worshipped in this place. One can get to this beautiful hill station by hiring a Mumbai to Saputara cabs.

Mumbai nature

Panchgani, at just 285 kms away from Mumbai, is the place to be to enjoy the sunset/sunrise. It derives its name from the way five hills are surrounding it and till date is one of the famous weekend gateways for people from the nearby metro cities. This hill station is known for its views and the magnificent backdrops.

One can also find many establishments from the colonial period and that is because of it being the summer resort during the British era. One can today enjoy this beautiful city by just hiring a Mumbai to Panchgani taxi.