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The Blues highway, also known as Highway 61, got the name due to the genre Delta Blues. The road starts at Memphis and has a variety of attractions that can engage you during the journey. As you plan for your road trip on the Blues highway, you should put into consideration the type of mobility you will use. The car you choose is important and thus should be on top of your planning list. Since it is a long journey, you may consider using a strong vehicle like the 2017 Subaru Forester.

At Memphis, you will find the Stax Museum of American Soul Music. For soul music lovers, this is definitely a good spot for you all to enjoy classy soul music. The museum achieved its name from a 1960 record label that recorded Otis Redding, Isaac Hayes among others. The museum has a collection of more than 2000 videos, photographs, instruments et al.

Along this highway as well, you will get to hear live music. If you are a fan of Blues and would love to hear them live, then you can get to watch and hear quality live music at Wild Bill’s which is a joint that is characterized by slow jams that are sure to make you relax and please your heart. This will help you relax as you take a break from a long journey along the Blues highway.

Delta Blues

If your escape is eating, then you can settle your taste buds on some amazing barbecue. Memphis has a variety of barbecue joints. These joints are famous for dry ribs and tasty meat that is sure to make you satisfied and happy. Food is very important in human’s life and especially on a long journey; you would surely need it to survive.

It is also evident that you cannot drive for such a long distance without getting some rest. They say sleep is as good as rest. You would therefore need a spot to rest your head during your road trip on the Blues highway. What better place to do this than the Madison Hotel in downtown Memphis. At this place, you will get good food and enjoy restful therapeutic sleep that is sure to help you relax and be calm for the remaining part of your journey. You can therefore take a break whenever on a journey through the Blues highway.

At the town of Clarksdale, you can expect to hear the constant sweet whine of the harmonica that will surely warm your heart. This town actually claims to be the starters of the Blues genre and play it much as well. You can enjoy the relaxing tunes of sweet Blues music whenever you visit the town which is home to the genre itself. The town is also attributed to being the birthplace of famous Blues artists who have moved masses with their iconic music and class. You will also find good barbecue at this town which will give you the benefit of both the music and food which blend well to sooth your spirit.