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Nightlife in Bangkok

Whether you are a party animal or you like to hang out for a few drinks, Bangkok is the best to be in Southeast Asia. The parties you’ll find there are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before: more colorful, more vibrant and exotic.


Nightlife in Bangkok is, however, you want it to be: wild, tropical, chill or downright fun. One thing is for sure: you will be in for an adventure that you will tell your friends about.

Just think what you would like to do in the night. Bangkok has it and it will exceed your expectations. The nightlife in Bangkok is so diverse and spectacular that it might become your wildest and most fun nights ever. If you are already excited to head over to Bangkok during your holidays, be sure to check out direct flights from Singapore to Bangkok and remember to ask a few of your best friends along!

If you rather want to chill, a rooftop bar where you can see the fantastic lights of Bangkok will do just fine. You can wine and dine the whole night while enjoying a pleasant conversation and listening to music somewhere in the background.

Or perhaps you are a cocktail fan. There are plenty of new ones to discover in Bangkok and your choice of cocktail bars won’t disappoint you. You can find anything from really fancy to downright hip where you can find expats or mingle with the locals.

When you want to see the real cool parties of Bangkok, Khao San Road is the place to go. This is where the party scene unveils itself to everyone. It’s fast, it’s colorful and loud. So it’s definitely something for people who are on a mission: to party hard and dance all night long.

If you want to party but in a more laidback way, Soi Rambuttri is the area to go to for nightlife in Bangkok. The parties there are very fun and entertaining, yet a big less loud. Thonglor is across town and is focused on bars. There you can find small size parties which happen between fewer people but you might find them cozier.

It is also easier to meet new people in a more limited environment. To each, their own as clubbers have big names like Silom, Sukhumvit, and superclubs at RCA.

You can find there tourists and locals too. Many young locals speak English, at least to a reasonable level. So it won’t be so hard for you to interact with people either.

Elegant nightlife experiences feature dinners cruises on the famous Chao Praya River. You can get exquisite international or local food while admiring the bustling city’s lights.

If you’re interested in the very wild part, there are more than enough dens of sin such as go-go dancing clubs or naughty nights in various venues.

A party doesn’t necessarily have to be reckless and loud There are enough jazz bars for the ones who enjoy this music. Or if you prefer to see some local arts, there are Muay Thai shows late at night at Asiatique, which combine theatrical shows with the ancient material art of boxing called Muay Thai. It’s nearly 2 hours of an interesting mix between martial arts, theater, music, and effects in a typical nightlife in Bangkok kind of way.