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Northern vs. Southern Tanzania: Top things to see & do

Northern and Southern Tanzania are located in Africa and have become increasingly more popular holiday destinations over the last several years. When you travel to Tanzania, whether it is the northern or southern section, you will find lots to see and do including safari tours, Serengeti holidays, beautiful beaches, hiking trails and much more. There is no other place in the world quite like Tanzania. When looking for a holiday that will provide you with excitement, adventure and tranquillity, Tanzania is a top choice. These top attractions are sure to make your holiday one to remember for a lifetime.

The Serengeti, Northern Tanzania

The Serengeti National Park is by far one of the most popular and amazing attractions located in all of Tanzania where you can enjoy a Tanzania Safari. As one of the best African safari settings, travellers will be swept away through the grasslands to see the migration of wildebeest and zebra in their natural habitats. Watch as lions roam through the tall grass in the Tanzania Safari, completing their hunts for prey right in your view path. Mobile camps located in the Serengeti are the perfect spots to enjoy a holiday and take in all of the natural scenery around you.

Mount Kilimanjaro, Northern Tanzania

Another one of Northern Tanzania’s most popular things to see is Mount Kilimanjaro. Whether you simply come to view this beautiful mountain range from the ground or are planning an adventurous hike to the top, there’s no other site quite like this one. As the tallest free-standing mountain in the entire world, Mount Kilimanjaro reaches an amazing 19,340 feet in height at its tallest peak. Anyone who is determined to complete the hike and make it to the top can enjoy a view unlike any other.

The Selous, Southern Tanzania

Southern Tanzania is a bit different from Northern Tanzania is terms of crowds. At The Selous, visitors come to the reserve to see animals such as elephants, crocodiles, black rhinos and cheetahs in the area that they call home. Unlike the Serengeti, safari tours here can be enjoyed by boat along the peaceful swamps and rivers. Walking safaris can also be found throughout select areas of The Selous.

Ruaha National Park, Southern Tanzania

Ruaha National Park is Southern Tanzania is a bit more difficult to get to than other destinations found around Tanzania.

African Bush Elephant: Loxodonta africana

This makes a holiday here all the more exciting and thrilling. Fly in to Ruaha by light aircraft and explore the wide open African wilderness. This large and remote national park is filled with wildlife such as elephants, kudu, lions, leopards and cheetahs. Some of the best game viewing in all of Africa can be enjoyed at the Great Ruaha River during the dry season. With luxurious safari lodges and remote adventure camps in the area, a holiday can be planned to suit all tastes within Southern Tanzania.