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Of All The Bars in All the World… the Best of Casablanca’s Cafes and Bars

Often called the cosmopolitan heart of Morocco, Casablanca is known for its nightlife and the magnificent Hassan II Mosque. Founded in the 10th century by Berber fishermen, this is the largest city of Morocco and was given the name by Spanish traders who made the city their trading base. It also boasts of the world’s largest artificial port, and is one of the most progressive and liberal cities of the country.

The city is famous for its wide range of eating outlets, and foodies from all across the globe throng the city for its mouth-watering cuisines. Moroccan cuisine is extremely delicious and exotic as well, and whether you decide to eat in a restaurant you have read reviews about or plan to eat at a local eatery, none of them will disappoint the foodie in you.

Here are some of the best bars and cafes that one cannot or should not afford to miss during their stay in this Moroccan city:

Rick’s Café – Opened in March, 2004, this bar is based on the one shown in the classic movie, Casablanca. It is set in a mansion and adorned with similar details shown in the film, such as a sculpted bar, curved arches, and balconies, along with beaded brass lighting. Their menu is a delight for seafood lovers, as it offers a variety of fish recipes. They also serve fresh local fruits in beautiful presentations and are known for their cheesecake and Brownies.

La Bodega – A fun and happening place to be, this one is perfect for those who enjoy their Spanish wine and tapas with loud music. They have two floors; the ground floor has disco music, whereas the one above is usually jam-packed with people enjoying the house band that plays all genres of music.

• Le Diplomate Bar – Decorated in pure Moroccan style with wood panels and sofas, this bar has a casual ambience to it where one can enjoy their drinks listening to some great Moroccan music.

• La Fibule – A cosy and welcoming ambience is what sets this restaurant apart from the rest. It serves Lebanese and Moroccan cuisine, and has a full-fledged bar as well.

• Caesar’s Club and Cas Bar – A favourite for sports lovers, Cas bar has many flat screen television sets that show live sports events. One can enjoy live music or the ones played by a DJ, along with a range of appetisers and drinks that their menu offers. If one wants to simply spend the night dancing away, Caesar’s club is apt and has one of the best discos in the city.

The Black House Discotheque – Decorated in sharp contrasting colours, black and red, this is situated in Luxury Hyatt Regency Hotel Casablanca and is open till the wee hours of the morning. It plays some great music and is ideal for those looking to have some great time with friends.

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This is not an exhaustive list as there are many hotels in Casablanca that have some great bars and cafes within their premises. As the restaurants and cafes in this Moroccan city offer several cuisines for every kind of budget, the city sure gives the travellers several reasons to rejoice. However, when eating out, remember that usually the restaurants here open only after 7 in the evening. Nonetheless, the extensive menu that the cafes and bars offer in the city makes up for everything else.