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Packing Tips and Tricks To Make the Most of Your Luggage When Traveling

Regardless of what kind of suitcase you have, it can be hard to pack everything you want in an efficient and orderly way. Sometimes you lose small items or wrinkle your clothes, or ruin or break fragile items or electronics. Here’s how you can pack most of these items and avoid many of the common packing problems travelers face during their trip.


Many people don’t like to have the bottom of their shoes touching their clothes and other pack items. It can sometimes get clothes dirty or wrinkled. Avoid this problem by putting your shoes inside a shower cap, bottom first.


A smart way to pack your clothes is by rolling them up in bundles and securing them with rubber bands. You can roll each bundle as an outfit for each day to make things easier. This keeps your clothes organized and free from wrinkles. It also saves space. Or, if you prefer to fold your clothes, use a foldable closet storage shelf to keep each layer of clothing separate and organized.

Packing Tips
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Toiletries and Beauty Products

If you need to pack your own lotions, shampoos, or perfumes, you can use empty prescription bottles to pack small amounts of items like these. You can also use pill bottles to pack Q-tips and Band-Aids. They are also good for holding any unrelated miscellaneous items you may need, like coins or paper clips.


If you have multiple pairs of earrings to pack, but you don’t want to lose them or get them mixed up with each other, there is a way to keep the pairs together and in one place. Simply use a spare button to contain each pair. Slide the part of the earring that goes through your ear hole, into the buttonhole, and put the earring clasp on. Additionally, you can keep your necklaces untangled by threading each one through a straw and then connecting the clasp. Also, if you need to pack a razor, you can put a binder clip on the end of it. This ensures both the razor and your other items are protected.

Helpful Resources

There are multiple items that make packing and traveling much easier and reliable. One of these items is a portable outlet splitter. This item has multiple outlets and one plug. It can be plugged into one outlet to power all of its own extra outlets. Another item that is a bit more of an investment is a vacuum packing suitcase. This suitcase will compress your entire luggage, making more room for you to pack more items.

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Make the Most of Your Luggage
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