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Planning your ultimate east coast road trip

While the west coast is home to some of America’s most infamous surfing beaches and stretches of palm-studded coastline, the east coast of America is home to some of the biggest state differences in the country. By starting at the top you will be exposed to some of the US’s biggest cultural sites, and the further south you go, the more you will be embraced by tropical weather and southern hospitality.

Road maps

Whether you’re a devotee of a good old fashioned road map (useful if you hit a black spot) or Google Maps, you will, of course, find multiple ways of traveling down and through the east coast of America. However, it’s helpful to know that some of the ostensibly most efficient ways of traveling down that part of the country are also the most dull. Interstate 95 is perhaps one of the best routes to take in terms of efficiency, but it won’t make for thrilling scenery. If you have time to make up, or want to hurry on down from the north east down to the south, then this is certainly the best route. However, if you want to create the scenic drive of a lifetime, base your car journey around the locations you want to visit.


Your best bet, when traveling on an extensive car journey through the US, is to choose a rental service that is based in multiple locations. E-Z Rental Car, for example, is dotted around the United States, which makes the organizational side of traveling much more efficient. This means you can pick your car up in Boston and drive down to Florida without a hitch.

State strengths

While you’re on a road trip you will only be making fleeting visits to some of the US’s most infamous sites and tourist hotspots, so your best bet is to stick to each state’s strengths in terms of what they have to offer.

If you’re in Baltimore, then you should, of course, consider doing all things seaside-based: their aquarium, harbor, and seafood-heavy cuisine are not to be missed. Don’t visit Washington without making the most of America’s legislatures and most important buildings: this is the bookworm’s heaven. Meanwhile, if you’re in Florida, be sure to visit the Art Deco sights of Miami Beach, and soak up some of the glamor. Florida also has some of the US’s biggest commercial resorts, which is perfect if you are traveling with a family. If you have had a week of reading about the founding fathers and the Liberty Bell, then rewarding the family with a day out in Orlando could be a nice sign-off.

The east coast was seemingly made for road trips. It has such a diverse plethora of sites to visit, you will be spoiled for choice when you’re picking out locations along the way. Finding hidden treasures is always recommended, but don’t forget to visit each state’s infamous sites while you’re there.