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Planning Your Vacation in Koh Samui

Is Thailand your next destination? Let all your dreams come true just in Koh Samui. This is the wonderland that allows you to dream and find new ways of making them come true. So, start this exiting trip with a well-organized plan and try to do your best to enjoy the Koh Samui Island in the best way.

First decide how much money you can spend on your trip and then visit a travel agency to learn the prices and possible offers.

After this, do some research on the internet and compare everything starting from the renting a villa in Koh Samui to the activities you can enjoy there.

After this, you can orientate how long you want to spend there. It all depends on your expectations and desires.

Rent a Villa in Koh Samui

Thus, one of the most important problems to solve is renting a villa in Koh Samui. You’d better make your choice between the most popular yet affordable villas. Of course, there are millions of resorts and spas that offer cool service but the way you want to spend your time there can decide which one to choose.


If you are planning to travel with your family then look for kids-friendly and family-friendly villas, which differ from the rest of resorts with their unique and special facilities for families. In case of traveling alone, with a friend or soulmate you’d better pick up villas near beaches, restaurants, pubs and romantic atmosphere. Koh Samui is a hot place to choose for honeymoons, 10days vacations and just for having a wonderful rest.

Best Holiday Villas in Koh Samui

Looking for the best villas in Koh Samui? Here is the list of the best options for you:

  • Villa Mia with sheer luxury
  • Kya Beach House for “barefoot” individuals
  • Paritta Sky Villa a with its contemporary tropical pool
  • Villa Jairak offering a luxury lifestyle with convenience
  • Villa Kya known as the hottest villa on the island
  • Seawadee Villa with a private sea view

These are the most popular luxury villas where you can spend your holidays and vacation gaining the best experience and rest.


There are many other villas too and if you are interested in other options, you may go for a detailed research and discover as much as possible to meet the dreamt villa.

Affordable Hotels in Koh Samui

Those planning to spend less money on their accommodation in Koh Samui may consider some of the coolest yet affordable hotels such as The Lipa Lovely Beach Resort, Bonny Hotel, Little Austria Tams Guesthouse, The Shore Samui, The Pier Hostel and Samui Poshtel. They are the most requested ones among the cheapest hotels. Learn more about these places on the internet and look for as much images as possible to be well-aware about the facilities as well as prices.

Your choice can mostly depend on the place where the hotel is situated and the offers that match your preferences. You can book them online, so things become easier and more effortless. What else you need to have an unforgettable journey to the posh Koh Samui Island?

Final, we would like to give you a piece of advice when it comes to the choice of the hotel or villa. If you’re going to sightseeing, you may only be after a basic hotel but if you plan to spend lots of time inside the villa then let it be a luxurious one.