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Relocating to Canada: A Guide for Brits

If you hanker after the wide open spaces and amazing outdoor lifestyle of Canada then you may be considering a permanent relocation to the ‘big country’.

As moving to Canada is likely to be a life-changing experience, not to mention a popular one given that it’s one of the world’s top immigration destinations, it;s important to do as much research about your potential new home as possible…

Why Canada?

With vibrant modern cities and some of the most spectacular scenery in the world, there are many positive reasons to move to Canada. The summers are usually long and hot while the winters snowy and cold, the perfect climate many may say! There is not shortage of things to do in every season fro kayaking, hiking and camping outside eating al fresco by a bonfire in the summertime to experiencing the best skiing and snowboarding in world renowned resorts such as Whistler, to husky pulled sled tours and snoozing in ice hotels.

Flights to Canada are getting more and more affordable according to a quick search on Skyscanner, and if you travel off-peak you can really save yourself a bundle. Heathrow will have most of the international flights but it is also possible to find flights from Gatwick Airport as well as a handful of the UK’s larger airports, such as Manchester and Glasgow.

Whether you love fitness, adventure, nature, fantastic food and fine wine, Canada has them all. A strong cultural connection to the native Inuit communities add a further dimension to this beautiful country, as does it’s French speaking region, Quebec . The beauty of Canada is its largely uninhabited areas that give an overwhelming sense of space and freedom.


Frequently ranked number one on the United Nations development index as one of the best places to live in the world, Canada enjoys prosperity and a healthy economic climate particularly in the major cities. Toronto and Vancouver are the two most expensive to live in followed by Montreal, Calgary and finally Ottowa.

However, even the most expensive cities in Canada are still considerably better for your buck than the UK. Canada is a safe country in relation to crime levels, it is prosperous and has an excellent health care system.


Another plus point of moving to Canada is that the main language is English. That combined with famously friendly folks, you should have no problem adjusting to live in the ‘big country’ and becoming a part of the local community.

If you are planning on moving to Quebec then you would be wise to equip yourself with as much French language as you can, although many people will be English speakers. It could be the perfect opportunity to brush up on that school French you haven’t used for years!


The Canadian government has been quick to see the benefits of employing workers from overseas for many years now thanks to the contribution it has made to the growth of the country’s economy.

Many of those relocating will find employment in the catering and production sectors along with engineering and project management which are in extremely high demand. You will need to look in to the matter of whether you must have a work permit but an immigrant visa will definitely be a requirement. Be warned, these can take up to three years to process so be sure to plan ahead!

Image by Victor Magdic