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Retiring overseas in America – The South

Everyone has a picturesque ideal of living in the perfect home, in the perfect area, with a healthy bank balance, void of responsibility and worries—it’s called retirement. Saving up and working for the whole of your life is probably worth it if you can turn the fairy-tale dream into a real life situation. America is a great place to retire and aside from the complex visa issues, buying a house to retire in can be a more affordable option than in the UK. But no matter what the price is still important to take every precaution to make sure your investments are made in a safe and controlled environment. A top tip before making a payment overseas is to open a trusted trading facility with a private such as money transfer service to keep your investments safe.


Florida is often known as a popular place for people to retire as it is hot all year round and there are great places to play golf and you can of course go to the beach if you live close to the coast. States such as Georgia and North and South Carolina are also popular for the same reason. Savannah in Georgia is a very popular area for retirees and possesses a glorious beach. In general, the south is very hot and humid in the summer but it is also blessed with warm or mild winters. Tropical rainfall is a regular occurrence in the summer, when the sweltering heat and humidity builds creates thunderstorms.


Florida is full of palm trees, sandy beaches and many marinas but there is less scope for mountaineering and such. Coastal areas of states such as Georgia and North and South Carolina are also blessed with the all-year round warmth and sandy beaches which make them popular tourist destinations as well as spots for retirees. Texas is full of large plains any many of them are used for farming but it is also host to truly spectacular, diverse cities such as Houston and Dallas.


Due to the high number of foreclosures in places such as Florida and even South Carolina, you are more likely to find something for an affordable price in these areas. This appeal is further enhanced by the lower living costs of towns which don’t directly lie on the outskirts of the larger cities. San Antonio in Texas has over 50 golf courses and a number of national parks and due to the vast size of Texas, land is cheap but abundant. Knoxville in Tennessee is a very famous city with a rich history of arts and culture. Living cots are also relatively low which makes it a great place to retire. In general, you are more likely affordable properties and a good standard of living in the south due to its warm climate and high number of foreclosures.

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