Rice Paddy Villa, Thailand

Rice Paddy Villa, Thailand

Holiday villa for rent with private pool in udon Thani province of Northeast Thailand.

Close your eyes and imagine… let us transport you to an exotic country idyll. You are lying under the tropical sunshine, gazing out over lush rice paddies, an ice-cold blended mango juice in your hands. Beside you, your private  pool sparkles as its waters lap lazily at your feet. Immense, iridescent butterflies flit flirtatiously  by in splashes of  yellows and greens. In the distance, a wallowing water buffalo turns to stare at you with heavy eyes. To the rasping rustle  of cicadas,   your mind wanders to  wonder what spicy and  inspired creation awaits you for lunch…

Rice Paddy Villa was designed  to blend  Thai architectural tradition with beauty, practicality and function, ensuring that attention to Thai elements would fuse with modern conveniences.

Rice Paddy Villa marries the local and traditional with modern appliances and technology, making this Thai house  a perfect spot for sheer relaxation and indulgence, or a stylish and comfortable base from which to venture out into the rural villages and countryside beyond the property.

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