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Romance in the Greek Islands

Well known for its vibrant history and extraordinary culture, Greece is the ideal place for worldwide travelers. For the ultimate romantic holiday to Greece, however, nothing surpasses the beautiful and picturesque Greek Islands. Elaborate lodging, delectable dining, magnificent scenery and exquisite beaches make these islands picture perfect for the romance-seeking couple.

In the heart of the Aegean Sea, one of the most enjoyable Greek Islands for couples looking for romance is Mykonos. If it appears a little too crowded at times, just avoid the nightlife and enjoy the intimacy of more secluded resorts near Ornos or Ano Mera. Take a stroll along Little Venice, a charming medieval town where the sunsets are the most beautiful in all of Greece. This is a good spot to find a little café, and while sipping a cocktail, view the sun setting over the sea.

The Island of Santorini is well known for its active volcano, sparkling white beaches, and quaint villages. While the countless beaches are stunning here, the remote and secluded beaches are more prevalent in Pori, Agios Georgios, or Vlichada. Another fanciful way to enjoy a little romance is touring the local wineries. Be sure to indulge in their wine-tasting sessions.

The couple looking for a more conventional romantic holiday to Greece will find the Island of Corfu is just what the doctor ordered. A little more quiet and private than Santorini or Mykonos, Corfu has all the romantic touches. Once dominated by the likes of Venice, as well as the British, Corfu has a unique culture that is seemingly more traditionally European at times. The dining experience is spectacular on Corfu with its wide variety of authentic and traditional Greek restaurants serving its vintage dinners by candlelight.

Another popular island for the romance-seeker is Rhodes, famous for its year-round warm weather, awe-inspiring architecture, and, of course, its beautiful beaches. For a less populated and more intimate setting, the southern side of Rhodes would probably be preferable. The fascinating historical ruins at the Castle of Monolithos are definitely a must-see. Rhodes also boasts the most outstanding views over the sea to watch an amazing sunset.

One of the more beautiful beaches is in Skopelos. Milia Beach extends for about a kilometer featuring glimmering white fine sand and incredibly calm turquoise waters — perfect for romantic strolls. During the summer months, a beach bar serves plenty of chilled beers and signature cocktails at sunset.

The Island of Poros provides the ideal place for a romantic holiday. It features many fabulous beaches, private corners and other quiet and peaceful settings, including the popular Love Bay. Overgrown pine trees extend to the craggy shores and white sandy beaches. Poros is indeed a perfect place.

Image by caffeinated_zeitgeist