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Safaris in Phuket Offer Amazing Experiences for All

If you ever wanted to go on a safari, you know that you have to go to Africa. Where else? If you Google “safari,” you’ll get tons of results about African safaris. Page after page of results are crammed with information on African safaris:  different locations, different types, different scenery, etc.  On the first page, however, there are two results that aren’t Africa. The first one is about the Apple browser Safari and the second one is about the great safaris that you can get in – you guessed it – Phuket, Thailand.  And as with the African safaris, there is a great variety of things to do, things that will be sure to make your safari a memorable experience.

Safari in a Speed Boat

Discovering the waters in Thailand by speedboat is a fun and beautiful experience. As with any excursion, check around and see which one you can customize for your enjoyment. You can enjoy lying out on the beach, snorkeling, swimming, sightseeing, and food. It is a relaxing way to spend a day, checking out exotic spots and villages that can’t be reached by land or are difficult to find. You may also go to islands where you can shop and round-trip speed boat safaris are available as well.

Elephant Trekking Safari

Thai people believe that elephants are the “animal of lucky” and that if you ride or walk under an elephant’s stomach, you will be lucky in life and freed from suffering. The Thai elephant is the symbol of the Thailand nation and the islanders believe that to see Thailand the right way, is to see it with an elephant!

Siam Safari has a safari that comes highly touted. It is located on an elephant camp on the top of a mountain, which you will get to by traveling in a four-wheel drive Land Rover. You can learn about buffaloes (as well as trying to sit on one and/or ride in a wooden cart pulled by a buffalo). Learn to process coconuts with coconut milk and oil, and then you can see how Thai curry is made.

On to the elephants! See how the young elephants are trained; you can touch them and feed them bananas. Finally, trek on an elephant through Chalong’s highlands; don’t forget to bring your camera, as some of the views are spectacular. This trek is Phuket’s finest and their elephants are the best kept. This also the only elephant camp in Southern Thailand to have attached the Thai Government Standard award.

ATV Safaris

Yes, there are really ATV safaris, and what a great way to have fun! You can streak through the jungle through mud puddles, along beaches, all the while learning about plant life. Your experienced guide will stop at certain points and point out unusual and interesting wildlife facets of Phuket. The safari is very safe, so bring the kids! You will discover local villages, farms, waterfalls, and the unspoiled environment of Phuket. The ATV safari shows you all the scenery of a tropical forest.

A Whitewater Rafting Safari

Whitewater rafting is relatively new to Thailand and yet another example of the fun you can have while learning about the rain forest in Phuket. There are many ways to enjoy a raft trip; the specific details may differ, but the general safari is the same. A typical itinerary for a whitewater rafting safari begins with you being picked up in an air-conditioned vehicle and transferred to a destination such the Monkey Cave Temple, the Buddha Cave Temple, or others. You will spend a little time there and then proceed to the rafting camp, where breakfast, refreshments, coffee, tea, etc. are served. You then attend a briefing on safety in rafting and training by a skilled rafter guide. You begin your three hour rafting trip down the river stream, plunging down the rapids and float through pools; be sure to watch for the wildlife along the way! After your ride, you will go to a waterfall for a swim and some relaxation, and then back to the rafting camp and your hotel. (Note: You can combine this with elephant trekking, as well; that is a very popular safari.)

A Diving Safari.

There is one other safari that is becoming popular in Phuket and that is a diving safari. Phuket Diving Safaris provides a short boat journey to the Similan Islands for four days and three nights. In that time, you will have 11 day dives and three night dives. The company boasts “top quality, well maintained dive gear, great cabins and food.” You can be assured that you are in good hands; this diving safari has an experienced, qualified dive staff. This is definitely a safari to consider if you love to scuba dive.

When you go to Thailand, it may behoove you to think about going on safari. Pick what you like to do best and make a safari out of it! Since it’s one of the only two places in the world where safaris are highly recommended, you can be assured that you will have an experience you will never forget – and you didn’t even have to go to Africa.

This guest post article was written and provided by Erica Gustafson who currently resides in Australia.  Erica works as a freelance digital media consultant and enjoys traveling the world and writing about her experiences. Image by coolinsights