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Secret Seattle Spots You Want To Visit

Seattle, just like every other city in the world, has hot spots. Most guided tours will take you to Space Needle and will parade the impressive Seattle luxury real estate. However, many that want to visit will not be interested in those attractions. They want to find the hidden gems that Seattle has to offer. This is exactly what we will present below.

All the options we mention are interesting and you do want to consider visiting if you want to see a side of Seattle that you never knew existed.

Secret Seattle Spots
Secret Seattle Spots

Pink Door

Visiting the Pike Place Market is something that many locals do on a constant basis. It is located in Post Alley. The Pink Door restaurant is Italian based and has great Elliott Bay views. You will enter the restaurant through a door right off an alley, landing in a location that is lively and really warm. Tourists do not actually expect to see the trapeze artists that swing over the dining room. Also, during the Saturday evenings, burlesque shows are held inside the lounge. Something special is always happening at the Pink Door restaurant. That is why you want to seriously consider getting a table there.

Fremont Troll

This street, public art is definitely impressive and mostly unexpected. It is practically art showing a scary troll that devours a Volkswagen Beetle. You will find it in the Fremont funky neighborhood. The troll was created in the year 1990 and is made out of steel, wire and concrete. The total weight is an impressive 2 tons. Adults and kids can actually climb the sculpture. Imagine the potential pictures you could take with your camera.

Frye Art Museum

Seattle has many different museums you can visit but Frye Art Museum is rarely on the list of those included in guided tours. That is a shame. We refer to a small scale museum that focuses on sculptures and paintings from the nineteenth century till now. It opened in the year 1952 and now has so many interesting items that are presented. We have rotating exhibits and a permanent collection. Everything will be well-curated and you will appreciate what is offered.

Melrose Market

The Melrose Market is a wonderful alternative to the beautiful Pike Place Market. It is smaller and hip, located right on Capitol Hill. We are talking about a really modern market that stands out as a real mecca for those that love food. The main focus of this market is put on independent, locally sourced foods and on organic goods. If you are looking for some wonderful artisanal cheese, do visit. Looking for something tasty and organic? You will find them here.

Theo Chocolate

The last hidden gem we want to recommend is Theo Chocolate, North America’s first ever bean-to-bar factory that makes chocolate. You can get to eat chocolate of wonderful flavors and visitors can even learn about cacao history if they want to, together with seeing how chocolate is done. Do you love desserts? A visit here is highly recommended in this case.