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Sightseeing In Russia – Things to See & Do

The most exciting things to see and do in Russia are also some of the largest tourist attractions. They include the country’s many museums, ancient cities, historical monuments and many majestic buildings. Natural sites are also beautiful and range from mountains that tower over forests to gleaming rivers and lakes

An enchanting land of contrasts, many visitors choose to begin their Russian holidays in the historic city of Moscow. Moscow is home to famous attractions like Kremlin & Red Square. Red Square is the country’s main square which houses Lenin’s Mausoleum and is visited by thousands every year. The Kremlin, a historic place which represents the power of Russia is the cultural and political centre of Russia. It is also home to several interesting museums.

Often visitors go from Moscow by train to historic and breathtakingly beautiful St. Petersburg. One of the famous sights in St. Petersburg is the Hermitage Museum, home to many treasures originally owned by Catherine the Great. Visitors also enjoy artistic works that are housed in the Hermitage by Leonardo da Vinci, Renoir, Monet and Picasso.

St. Petersburg was the site of famous battles like the 1917 revolutions and battles of WWII. There are also remarkable examples of Russian architecture, proving that this area is rich in contrasts. Fine arts thrive in St. Petersburg. It is home to many performances of world-class ballet, symphonies and theatrical presentations. Visitors also enjoy seeing the famous Winter Palace and Summer Palace and St. Isaacs Cathedrals.

When visitors on Russian holidays venture to the southwest, the town of Murmansk is worth a visit. A famous fishing port, this town is especially fun to see during its famous Festival of the North, which features popular reindeer races and a ski marathon. The festival takes place the last week of March in Murmansk.

The western part of Russia houses more metropolitan areas like Moscow and St. Petersburg. Many visitors on Russian holidays enjoy riding on the famous Trans-Siberian railway. The trip usually begins in Moscow. It ends up in Nakhodka and takes a full eight days. It traverses through adorable Russian villages, forests of pine and birch trees and through Siberia’s beautiful Lake Baikal. This lake is about the size of Belgium and is home to the only freshwater seals in the world.

Red square

The entire country is scenic and amazing to visit. Other interesting sights along this interesting train ride include a city known as Ulan-Ude, the Buddhist centre of Russia. Russian holidays leave visitors with many wonderful memories to treasure.