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Spend Easter Vacations in Florence

The capital of the Tuscany region is delightful irrespective of the time you visit it, but there is nothing quite like an easter in Florence, Italy.

Easter Sunday rings the bell for the beginning of Spring in Italy, keeping the climate a little mild and perfect for a short weekend trip. The days start to get longer and warmer, nature starts to get reawakened, the flowers start to bloom with beautiful scents in the air. So, if you have to choose this one time to spend a few wonderful days in Florence – the cradle of the Renaissance, it might as well be the Easter Sunday weekend.

The city has plenty of heritage in art, culture, and architecture and it doesn’t mind putting them on display in all glory. Whether it’s the middle-aged buildings, instagrammable bridge and street food stalls, the crafty jewelers and fashion designers, or pure love for sculptures and painting, Florence is the city to be. Easter in Florence, Italy, however, brings out the best in the city in a special way.

The explosion of the Cart Celebration

Every year, Easter Sunday is celebrated in Florence in a very unique way. It includes a 350-year old tradition, where an intricately designed wagon standing about three stories tall is pulled around by a couple of oxen. The oxen are usually decorated in garlands, who pull the cart through the city streets until it reaches the square between the cathedral and the baptistry.

It is accompanied by drummers, flag throwers, and some other ritualistic figures. It eventually ends with a spectacular firework, ensuing the explosion of the cart. Mythically, the explosion is perceived as a means of receiving god’s good grace for a good harvest for the year and blessing for the city and its people. Maybe it also extends to its visitors, as the Florentine people are very generous.

Must-do Activities in Florence

While you are at it, why not make some room to visit some of Florence’s must-see destinations. If you manage to observe the fireworks, you may have already witnessed the glory of the Duomo and the magnificent Cathedral di Santa Maria del Fiore. The Uffizi Gallery and the Galleria dell’ Accademia di Firenze, on the other hand, must be visited to understand why the city is dubbed as the cradle of the Renaissance.

Home to many renowned designers and jewelers, Florence also provides for a great shopping destination. The San Lorenzo Market, the shops lined up over Ponte Vecchio, the Via Roma – all are great for shopping for different items.

Finding a Place to Stay

To enjoy the safest luxury in Florence, you better get down to book a residence for your Easter in Florence, Italy. With some best views of the fireworks, Hotel Brunelleschi is a perfect choice. The hotel put in place some brilliant anti-covid measures too. If you would rather relax over the religious weekend, the Villa San Michele with its Michelangelo-designed facade is the way to go.