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Staying Fit Overseas

Fitness is something that more and more people are taking for granted. In modern society, we seem to spend a huge proportion of time either working or travelling to and from work. An increasing number of jobs are of the high stress variety and this combination of a mentally and physically draining vocation ensures that there is no time for healthy eating or exercise. Those of us who do manage to squeeze time in to complete a fitness regime soon find that a holiday can completely take us out of the groove. We use the holiday to relax, unwind and totally neglect exercise. Below are some tips on how to ensure you stay fit on holiday and carry this determination back home where you can build a healthy lifestyle around exercise.

It can be tough to summon the energy to exercise which is why you should take supplements like Spirulina which builds endurance, reduces fatigue and increases your energy level. After a few weeks of taking Spirulina, you should notice a difference in how you feel. Hopefully, sluggishness will be a thing of the past. Now, you will have the energy and the desire to start exercising on a regular basis.


You need to ensure that your holiday includes some physical activity which will keep your energy levels and travel health high and ensure you have an enjoyable time. Check to see if your hotel has a gym or if there is a health resort nearby. Analyze your current exercise regime and see if it can be performed on holiday. Ideally, you will have access to a treadmill, free weights and a swimming pool. Look for fun sporting activities such as tennis to keep you occupied. Believe it or not, even golf will suffice as long as you walk around the course and avoid using the golf carts provided.

DIY Fitness

If there is a scarcity of fitness equipment in the area where you will be staying, pack your own. A workout outfit such as a singlet, shorts and running shoes is ideal and takes up little space in your bag. Cross trainers are the best footwear to pack due to their versatility. If you are holidaying in a cold climate, bring extra layers for outdoor exercise. There are also a range of innovative dumbbells on sale online such as AquaBells which can be filled with water, allowing you to change resistance as you please. Additional extras could include a tennis racket and jump rope. If you forget this equipment, simply embark on a bodyweight exercise regime every day. There are a number of challenging bodyweight routines online.

Other quick fitness tips while travelling include stretching every few minutes on the plane in order to keep your circulation in check. This is essential for those who suffer from deep vein thrombosis. There are a range of online airplane exercise videos which show you how to stay loose on board without incurring the wrath of the cabin crew! Electronic gadgets such as an iPod are useful because music increases the intensity and duration of the average workout. Also, get a heart rate monitor if you can afford it. Staying in shape should be a lifelong pursuit which does not necessarily need to be put on hold during a vacation.

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