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Take a tour of Kensington’s iconic museums

If culture is what fires your imagination, then there is no better place to satiate your appetite for it than London! The city is a veritable treasure trove of arts and culture ranging from historical times to the present. It plays host to some of the greatest museums and art galleries in the world, which is a magnet for millions of visitors to the city every year. You can expect to find some of the rarest and most valuable artefacts in its museums which are home to a myriad of items that span the globe. If you are a culture enthusiast who revels in discovering new cultural horizons, then London should form an integral part of your next holiday itinerary.

And one of the best spots to begin a cultural tour is the snazzy area of Kensington that lies within the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and is in West London. It is home to some of the trendiest shopping venues and restaurants and is one of wealthiest neighbourhoods. It is also home to three of the best museums in the city. Step out of the London Premier Kensington Earls Court hotel and you are within close proximity of The V&A (Victoria & Albert) Museum, The Science Museum and the Natural History Museum. You could choose to visit all three on a single trip to the area although it is recommended to visit them individually to make it a more enjoyable tour of the sites.

Kensington is well connected to other parts of the city through the Tube. A major plus point is that the museums are well connected to the Tube stations, which makes it easy to visit them even when there is rain. For those who are travelling from out of the city there are plenty of trains or you can even hire a coach, which have dedicated drop-off points making it a hassle free experience to get to the museums. To better enjoy the trip, you could visit the museum’s official websites to help you decide which sections you would like to explore in depth or which exhibitions would be of personal interest.


The Natural History Museum

Another one of the troika of South Kensington museums, the Natural History Museum is a fabulous place to learn more about the history of the formation of the planet and to learn more about the way we evolved over millennia. Here you will be intrigued with learning about geological facts about rock formation, while being equally astounded with the dinosaur exhibits. Visitors are thrilled to experience the earthquake simulator along with the many different exhibitions that are held at different times of the year. It is especially, enchanting for kids as they get to see and learn about natural processes. The museum also has a great collection of crystals and rocks from across the planet with their amethyst geode being one of the highlights. A visit to the Natural History Museum is an experience not to be missed!


The Science Museum

One of the most popular museums of its kind, the Science Museum is always a hit with adults as well as children of all ages. It offers an amazing panoply of science related artefacts and its captivating interactive science displays are a treat for all who visit. Whether it is science or technology, the vast expanses of outer space or the equally fascinating human body you will glean information on everything here. And to make it a more enjoyable experience there is its stunning IMAX 3D cinema, part from a slew of activities and games which make it an educational as well as entertaining experience for the kids. Visitors can always expect to find new and fascinating exhibits whenever they visit the museum. For space enthusiast there are the Apollo lunar landings of the early space exploration era. What makes it a more realistic experience is the use of 3D animation that recreates a very authentic experience of space travel, something which visitors are unlikely to forget in a long while.


The Victoria & Albert Museum

The V&A Museum as it is more commonly referred to is a museum that is dedicated to art and design. Here you will find a variety of exhibits which feature a variety of displays from furniture to fashion. It has one of the most extensive collections of artistic design items and you can see art from all over the world. It definitely does not subscribe to the norm of general art galleries in that it showcases varied mediums and forms of art and design. Just some of the eclectic items to be seen here include architectural blueprints, ornate jewellery, ceramics, textiles, photographs and physical art pieces, among much more. There are free guided tours which are a great way to learn more this magnificent museum and as to how it managed to build up such an extensive collection. There are a number of family activities and events organised all through the year, which make it the best place to visit with the family. There also is a great souvenir shop where you can shop for great gifts or mementoes of your trip.

South Kensington is also well known for its numerous high end restaurants and shops in the area. Once you are done with exploring the museums and feel peckish you could choose to grab a bite or even shop a bit. If you want something less pricey there always is the option of hopping on to the Tube and visiting Earls Court or Shepherd’s Bush, that offer an eclectic selection of shops and restaurants as well that are lower priced.

While in Kensington a visit to these three museums is a worthwhile experience, something which you can enjoy alone or even with the family!