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Take it all in on the Splendour Of The Seas

Cruise holidays are regarded by many as the best way to pack as much fun and relaxation as possible into a scheduled getaway and that opinion is not without foundation. Across the board with quality tour providers there are an often incredible array of activities and facilities tailor-made to help guest maximise the potential of the vacation time they have. So far so good but there is always the danger that guests will forget to look out to sea and really soak in the sights that are sailing by their windows or across their boughs each day.

Well, with the Splendour Of The Seas you will really have no excuse for letting some of the world’s most wondrous vistas go by without taking them in because the ship has been radically reshaped in recent months to offer perhaps the most comprehensive viewing potential on the waves. And the particularly great news about all this is that the Splendour visits dozens of regions and at least a couple of continents on an annual basis, which means the views are guaranteed to be some of the very best available with any cruise holiday.

From the Canaries to Turkey, and from Santorini to Argentina, the Splendour takes travellers to places that are as beautiful and they are historic and rich in culture. There are family-friendly packages and all inclusive deals available. You can still book some of the best Thomas Cook cruises 2012 has to offer aboard the Splendour if you hurry, or else you can line up a luxurious stay and a wonderful adventure on any Royal Caribbean vessel for 2013. There really are some jaw-dropping bargains to be found and if you’ve been thinking of dipping your toe in the waters when it comes to cruise holiday then next year might well be the right time to dive right in.