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The Best Boat Trailers

As a sailing enthusiast, you want to spend as much time as possible on the water. Getting a suitable boat trailer is important to transport your vessel quickly and safely. When you have the right trailer, you can launch or retrieve your vessel effortlessly. Moreover, owning a good quality trailer with proper lock fittings is also imperative to prevent your marine vehicle from being stolen.

Indespension marine trailers are the not only great value for money, but are of unmatchable quality. All of their products have the boat owner in mind, resulting in superior products. Here are my pick of the best marine trailers to get the most out of your boat and time on the water:

The coaster range from Indespension are the original and by far the best trailers for RIBs and tenders. Each come with Indespension’s patented SuperRide suspension so unloading and loading is smooth and painless. Thanks to the U-bolt fixings, they are fully adjustable, even lengthwise. The galvanised steel chassis ensures your trailer remains rust free for as long as possible.

For more wheels, look to the Roller Coaster trailers. As the name suggests, the Roller Coaster has all the features of the coaster range but relies completely on rollers. Indespension also sells supersized versions of the Roller Coaster –the Super Roller Coaster range. The largest, Super Roller Coaster 8, is able to hold a boat of up to 3200kgs.

For the small boat owner, a combination dinghy transporter such as the D22ECOM1 Combi Dinghy Trailer (also from Indespension) is one of the most versatile on the market. It can carry up to 200kgs, it has an adjustable drawbar, and is also adjustable height and width- wise. It functions well in and out of the water, and its galvanised steel chassis ensures longevity.

1959 RedFish Shark Boat w/ mercury 500 o/b

The JSO5 trailer is the best choice for jetski and small inflatable owners. It comes either bunked or on rollers, and its U-bolt fittings promise full adjustability. It has a carrying capacity of 575kgs, and the Indespension Triplelock anti-theft 50mm ball hitch and secondary coupling prevents your personal water craft from being stolen or towed away.