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The Best Cities to Visit in Italy

If you ask anyone about their list of places they want to go to, you can bet that a luxury Italian vacation is in there. Just like Penang in Malaysia or Vienna in Austria, Italy is one of those European countries who has preserved history and culture so perfectly that it meshes well with the modern city. For instance, you can find medieval architecture all over Italy, from Romanesque to Gothic style churches and buildings. While modern Italy has made use of contemporary designs now, it seems it has perfectly harmonized with old-world glamour, giving the cities a unique personality and texture.

Well, instead of reading about it, why not just take a trip there yourself? Looking at prices right now, it is looking like flights to Italy are much more affordable than flights to certain US cities. Take advantage of it and make sure to visit these cities on your trip to Italy.

Visit Rome

Of course, we will start off this list with one of the most popular destinations in Italy: Rome. It is one of the largest cities in the country, with a population of up to 2,877,215. Here you will find more than 2,500 years of history, culture, art, and politics. In fact, even if you spend a month here looking at remnants of the Renaissance period, medieval churches, the glorious fountains, museums, and popular sites like the Colosseum, you still have not seen everything in the city.

But while you appreciate Roman history, you can also enjoy modern Rome, bustling with life and luxuries. Shop at boutique stores lined up in the city and take your pick at countless restaurants serving delectable Italian dishes. From Rome, you can easily visit the Vatican City, popularly known as the seat of the Roman Catholic Church.

Visit Venice

If you have seen the pictures on Instagram of people being romantic on gondolas, Venice is where you will find it. It is a city that is built on a lagoon surrounded by the Adriatic Sea, and the gondolas streaming the Venetian canals is just one of many activities you can enjoy while you are there. There are about 118 islands in the Venice archipelago, and while you can visit them through beautiful bridges, there is nothing like island hopping through the canal waterways. In fact, the Grand Canal is what divides Venise into two big sections.

But aside from the waterways, you can also tour the beautiful churches and palaces found around the city. You will notice that there Venetia symbolisms that are quite intriguing, you might be able to learn all its secrets if you join a tour. At the heart of Venice, you can find Saint Mark’s Basilica at the Piazza San Marco. You can also spot the Rialto Bridge, the oldest bridge that spans the Grand Canal, and Doge’s Palace, a prime example of Gothic style architecture.

Visit Pompeii

It might be a bit unconventional to include a city buried several feet under volcanic ash for more than 1,700 years after Mount Vesuvius exploded, but interest in Pompeii is gaining traction again. It is not just the bones that have attracted a lot of history buffs, but the art as well. We are now envisioning a Pompeii that used to have colorful pots, walls covered in graffiti, and buildings covered wall-to-wall with images meant to entertain its guests. Most of the city has been excavated so that travelers can explore its streets freely. Walk through the ancient ruins of Pompeii and imagine a life that used to thrive there before the cataclysmic eruption.

Visit Naples

After your tour of Pompeii, make your way to one of the busiest cities in Italy: Naples. It is the capital of the Campania Region, located in Southern Italy. You might have heard stories of people describing Naples as the much grittier of all the famous cities in Italy, and yes, this is true. Compared to Venice or Rome where there is some sort of organization in it, Naples seems to be a bit disorderly. But that is what makes it look beautiful. If you look at the crumbling and decaying palaces, castles, and churches in Naples, there is just something bittersweet about it. The city is under renovation, but the gritty character of the city just gives it a much more unique personality than its other counterparts.

Visit Sicily

Sicily is an autonomous region of Italy and is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Just like the cities on the mainland, Sicily is rich in art and history. Here you will find famous spots like the Agrigento Valley of the Temples, Palermo’s Baroque churches, and Europe’s tallest active volcano called Mount Etna.

But the most beautiful spot of all is Siracusa or Syracuse which can be found along the coastline of Sicily. You can find beaches, mountains, and sheer-cliffs here, perfect for the active travelers. Siracusa is also really old, like ancient world old. It was considered to be one of the largest cities in ancient history, with settlements that date as far back as 734 BCE. There are ancient Greek ruins that were built at least 2,000 years ago, one of which is the amphitheater where tragedies written by Euripides and Aeschylus were performed. You can also visit what once was the Temple of Athena, now called the Duomo Cathedral.

On your first trip to Italy, make sure you get to visit all of these cities so you can experience the different sides of the country. There are still a lot more cities to visit like Florence, Verona, Cinque Terra, Matera, and Trieste. But the cities listed here are the perfect introduction to Italy — go on and get to know her by taking that Italian trip now. Buon Viaggio!