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The Best Outdoor Wedding Venues in the UK

You may not have the budget for overseas travel, but the UK still has plenty of little heard-of places to provide a memorable wedding day and a gorgeous backdrop for your ceremony and wedding photos.

1.       Scottish Highlands Wedding

Maybe you have Scottish heritage or you just want to hold a wedding in some of the best landscape that the British isles have to offer. Plenty of hotels offer great packages. It’s the closest you can get to a fairytale wedding for grownups. A beautiful hotel or castle can set the perfect stage for a marriage beginning on firm foundations and your guests will have the time of their lives exploring the grounds and countryside.

2.       Get married at a racecourse

This one’s quite unusual, but why not get married at a racecourse? Horse racing is one of the oldest British sports and racecourses usually have great party venues that cater for the general public. There’s a backdrop of sporting glory and a location that gives everyone a great sense of occasion. Find a great deal and you can get one of the best wedding packages UK based or otherwise!

3.       Dorset beach wedding

A beach wedding is one of the most romantic options that you can choose. Imagine saying your vows with the wind blowing in from the ocean, feeling soft sand under your feet! The beaches of the south coast of England are undoubtedly the most beautiful in the whole of the British Isles. The reception can be held at a nearby hotel, or even under a canopy. Plenty of companies provide artistic tents with a full reception service included in the plan. A beautiful sandy beach will make for an unforgettable wedding.

When choosing a wedding venue, many people dream of exotic locations abroad but cannot afford to take a whole wedding party to another country just to get hitched. The UK has some great locations – which is your favourite pick?

Image by Sailor Coruscant