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The Best Weekend Destinations for the Scuba Diving Fans in UK

Being an island country, UK presents before the diving enthusiasts endless opportunities to explore the underwater world. The diving enthusiasts have a lot to explore in the coastal waters surrounding the island country, varying from a diverse variety of salt water fish, playful whales, dolphins and amazing range of marine life, to historical wrecks of ships, submarines and even aircrafts that were destroyed during the course of the two world wars.

If you want to make your diving experience really great, then thoroughly search in the online diving directories about the different sites, what you can expect to see that particular area and also look for the diving clubs in that area that organizes the diving trips. As far as reaching to these sites are concerned you have to options. Either you can join the local travel agents which organize the trips or else you can drive down to these places and then join the local diving clubs. In case you are not comfortable to take your own car, then search for car hire on the internet. There are many service providers who will provide you cars in good condition at a competitive price.

The most favorite diving site of United Kingdom is of course the Scapa Flow harbor in the Orkney Islands. Divers from all around the world swarm to this part of UK to witness the relics of one of the sunken German ship during the World War I. This is the specialty of this particular site, apart from the spectacular marine life, turtle and seal that divers can locate in the underwater. Another diving site that is located very near to this Orkney Islands is the St Kilda. If your visiting the Orkney, then do not miss St Kilda as well which is not only famous for its marine life but visitors also come here for bird watching.

If this weekend you are bent on watching the mischievous seals at the height of their mood, then you consider visiting the Farne Islands. Amongst the ten diving sites of UK where you have the opportunity to see these funny creatures Farne is undoubtedly the best. Moreover this particular diving sites offer the enthusiasts with the chance of traversing through the gullies and underwater cliffs. Expert trainers are present in the clubs who will guide you in this underwater adventure trip.

Apart from these special features the soft corals and diverse variety of fish will welcome you in any of these sites. The Scilles is undoubtedly one of a kind diving destination present in United Kingdom. The coral reefs, sea squirts, sea fans and the long stretch of reefs which is ornamented with corals will leave you completely mesmerized. Divers keep coming back to this particular site to witness the wonderful creation of nature.

Into the blue : the island

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If you plan a trip at the right time, you can witness the migration of the marine animals in the winter time. Therefore plan your weekend trip accordingly, so that your kids enjoy the most. Due to movement of the major air currents as well as water currents the temperature of water surrounding the coastline of UK is perfect for diving. Many charter boats are available in these diving sites of UK which will take to the spot from where your amazing underwater journey will initiate. In case you are diving after a long span of time, you can always take help from the trained divers to make your this experience hazard free.