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The most dangerous volcanoes in the world

The volcano is a natural opening of the earth from which flames, smoke and other materials are emitted during a mist condition. Volcanos are prone to long earthquakes and disasters, and are a particularly dangerous phenomenon for humans, subtracting from the passage of centuries lives but also causing major disasters.

The volcanoes are divided into two active and non-active species. Active volcanoes are unknown when they explode and people around the world live under the threat of potential danger.

So let’s see the most dangerous volcanoes in the world

Merapi mount

Indonesia is one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world. Mount Merapi, which is located in the center of the island of Java, is one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world. The word Merapi is translated as the world that was a fiery mountain In 2010, the volcanic eruption cost 33 people dead who have died of ash and toxic gases.

Papandayan volcano

An even active and extremely dangerous volcano is located in the Indonesian region, which is still a tourist destination. In 2002 it was exile without the victims. The biggest explosion in 1772 saw the death of more than 4000 people. If you feel adventurous while having your vacation in one of the hotel near grand Indonesia spend one of your days there. You will be amazed.

Agung volcano

The Agung Volcano exploded last time in 1963, resulting in the loss of approximately 1,100 people,exploded again afew days ago with an effect More than 147,000 people were forced to leave their homes because of the risk of volcanic eruption. Indonesia is generally a country with over 129 active volcanoes.


Vesuvius is an active volcano in the south of Italy in a very close distance from Naples. In 79 AD. and until that time it was considered a simple mountain, it was explored and its lava covered whole villages like Pompey, scoring the death to thousands of people. There have been several explosions since then since 1906. As the volcano is active, the regions which surround it is densely populated as the ground around volcanoes is quite fertile and suitable for rural development.


In Italy, we are witnessing another active volcano, which is even the highest of Europe at an altitude of 4000 meters and extends over three times the extent of Vesuvius. The explosions that have been recorded are past centuries and have caused great disasters.The area next to Etna volcano is overpopulated too because the area is so fertile.


This volcano is located in the Yellowstone National Park and is probably the biggest threat to the US. It is also characterized as a supernova because of the material it can launch in relation to the remaining active volcanoes.

Sakourajima Strato

This volcano is located in Japan, near the Kagoshima province. It is the most dangerous volcano as scientists believe it might be a potential explosion.

Volcano Nirancogo

This active volcano is located in the Democratic folk of the Congo, a very short distance from the city of Goma. The volcano, although considered to be the most dangerous of the African continent, is a tourist destination and visitors from all over the world are flocking to the Virunga National Park admire.


Mexico’s most famous but more dangerous volcano, less than 100km from the city, reaching a height of 6000. When it was considered inactive, an explosion occurred in the mid-1990s. Smoke mountain is also called.

Siera negra

The volcano is located in the Galabagos Islands and specifically in Isabel Island. It is the island with the second largest global reservoir. The latest explosion has been recorded in 2006.


This volcano is located in the region of Spain and is considered to be the highest in the Atlantic. In 1909 the last explosion was recorded and some were considered to be inactive.

Volcano Erevo

This volcano, the southernmost volcanic volcano in the world, is located in the Antarctic and has a height of about 4000 meters and is considered active since 1972.


The volcano is in the Icelandic area and its last explosion has caused air traffic, as dense fumes have covered a large part of Europe. There are several explosions of the last 20 years with only material damage damage.

Which is however the most dangerous volcano in the world? The Campi Flegrei volcano is the world’s most threatening volcano. Five hundred years after its latest eruption, scientists have identified signs of life and are afraid that the conditions they are shaping can cause a dangerous explosion that will endanger not only the 3 million inhabitants living in the region but also millions of Europeans, causing explosions with global impact, comparable to major meteor drops.

No matter how strong anyone can feel,it is obvious that nature comes first.The only thing a man can do is to  respect the nature’s power.It is the wiser thing anyone can do.Respect and feel amazed by nature’s results.