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The Top LGBT Cities

Many places around the world accept and celebrate the LGBT members of their communities, but there are still some locations which stand out from the crowd when it comes to having a fun loving and active gay scene.

London is one such place, revered around the world for its gay bars, gay clubs and of course the fantastic shopping on hand. At the epicentre of the gay scene in London is the area around Vauxhall. Located close to Westminster and Waterloo, Vauxhall is still a very central location but boasts more gay clubs and gay residents than any other area of the city. The nightlife operates 24/7 so it’s easy for visitors to go out at 9pm on a Thursday and not get back to their city base apartments until Monday lunchtime.

Also in Europe, Amsterdam is a city which is well known worldwide for its ‘anything goes’ attitude and it can be hard to distinguish its LGBT scene from it general acceptance of having a good time and partying. Whilst many tourists arrive in the city with nothing on their mind but sex and drugs, Amsterdam also boast a wonderful cultural and refined side, giving visitors the opportunity to get more out of their trip than just the night life. The town is bursting with gay clubs and bars, but to be honest you will find it just as acceptable to express your feelings in any mainstream club as you will in a specialist environment.

Across the pond, the wonderful North American city of New York has long been held aloft as the USA’s numero uno gay travel destination and was voted top choice by travellers in the PlanetOut Travel Awards in 2006. Whilst there are certain LGBT hot spots, such as Greenwich Village and Chelsea, plenty of other districts in New York have a very gay friendly atmosphere. Of course the city is second to none when it comes to indulging in some retail therapy and for culture lovers the packed out theatres of Broadway rub shoulders with some of the best restaurants in the world.

Back in Europe and less well known to many, the picturesque city of Cologne in Germany has a surprisingly active gay scene and some wonderful parks and buildings to enjoy. Around the city more than 90 gay and lesbian bars, clubs and saunas operate year round and the city also has its own department known as the Gay City Management who are tasked with organising events such as the annual Carnival and the CSD Cologne Pride March.

Closer to home the town of Brighton is a gay paradise throughout the summer months and is the host of the huge and colourful Brighton Pride which marks the height of the tourist season. Bustling with gay bars, a popular nudist beach and a quaint town centre, Brighton is one of the most open minded and welcoming seaside locations in the world.

Whether you are thinking of a weekend away or a longer stay in one of these popular cities, city base apartments can be a great alternative to hotel accommodation. With larger living areas and the freedom to eat, sleep and party whenever it suits you, staying in an apartment can be a much more flexible option for modern travellers.

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