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The World’s Best Yachting Locations for the Winter

In North America, winter is on its way, which means for yacht owners, it might be time to head to warmer waters. So, get your yacht inspected, order and install any Beneteau parts you need to replace, pack your bags, and head out to one of the world’s best yachting locations. Who knows? You might love a destination so much that you decide not to come back next summer.

The Greek Islands

Greece and the surrounding area have long been a maritime playground, with its rich boating history, dark seas, and thousands of islands just waiting to be explored. Whether your goal is to connect with nature or to hit the nightlife in such vibrant, world-renowned cities like Mykonos, a yachting adventure to the Greek Islands will satisfy your wanderlust. Archaeological excavations, cliff-jumping opportunities, wine-tasting tours, and numerous other activities await you at this stunningly gorgeous location.


The calm, turquoise waters of Bermuda are a draw for boaters of all skill levels. Professionals flock to the area for yacht racing and sailing competitions and amateurs enjoy the ease of sailing in waters that are calm and quiet, almost year-round.

The island’s Great Sound is perfect for soaking up both the sun and the local culture, while the protected coves around the island provide the ideal environment for snorkeling and scuba diving and there are plenty of reefs, shipwrecks, and marine wildlife habitats to explore. The warm climate makes Bermuda a popular yachting destination all year long, but particularly in North America’s winter months.


The Dubai Marina, surrounded by superyachts and skyscrapers, is a yachter’s dream destination. Recreation is the name of the game in this fast-growing yachting community. Luxury resorts dot the beaches, golf courses beckon to duffers wanting to prove their skills, Formula One racing appeals to those who feel the need for speed, and camel riding calls to visitors with a more traditional activity in mind.

Relax in the lap of luxury aboard your yacht in the waters of the Arabian Gulf and during your on-shore excursions, don’t forget to participate in shopping, which has been elevated to an art form in this opulent world-class city.

The Bahamas

If you don’t want to stray too far from home, but still want a warm-water destination, The Bahamas may be the solution. The 700 islands that make up the Bahamas are just 45 miles off the coast of Florida and include such fabulous and exotic locales as Bimini, Great Inagua, Little Inagua, and Turks and Caicos. The islands have a long history of being a refuge for sailors and their maritime culture is apparent in the facilities available to yachters.

Sport fishing, scuba diving, and snorkeling are some of the preferred water activities in The Bahamas. On-shore activities include visits to world-class golf courses, nature preserves, and sandy, palm-lined beaches. You’ll never lack for things to do while in The Bahamas, but there will be plenty of opportunities to relax as well.


If you own a yacht, you don’t have to stick around for a cold North American winter. You can head out to one of these fabulous yachting destinations and take advantage of your luxury home on the water until it’s warm enough to return in the summer.