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Things to do in Park City, Utah

One of the most renowned vacationing destinations throughout the country both for its amazing views and for the many activities that it has to offer, Park City, Utah has slowly gained popularity among people in North America. The city’s popularity also gained a lot of traction after it became the 2002 Winter Olympics host, providing both visitors and sports teams at the time with great sport and recreational activities.

However, precisely due to this fact, most potential visitors nowadays think of Park City only as a winter season venue, and because of that, they lose the opportunity to experience some truly great activities that Park City offers its thousands of visitors in summer as well. The truth is, there are almost as many summer vacation homes rented as there are ski-in ski-out condos in the winter. Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting summer activities Park City offers.

  • Golfing: Without a doubt, golfing is one of the most entertaining activities that anyone can enjoy during the summer. For this, Park City offers many golf courses to all of its visitors, and each of these courses usually sport some unique and breathtaking backdrops. The Park City Golf Club is one of the best places to play some golf while in the city, as is the Glenwild Golf Club and Spa that also includes a spa within its premises for those who would like to relax after playing.
  • Hay rides: Hay rides are definitely among the most relaxing and enjoyable activities to be found on Park City, especially considering the natural beauty of both the city and its surroundings, which become even more enjoyable while in an old-fashioned cart being drawn by a horse. One of the most popular places where visitors can find Hay rides in Park City is Rocky Mountain Sleigh Company, which has several years of experience and is very sought-after by everyone visiting Park City during summer time.
  •  State Parks and Reservoirs: Another great way to explore the surroundings of Park City, which are known for their amazing beauty, is to go and actively explore the several state parks and reservoirs that Park City has to offer. These are good for almost any king of activity, ranging from just hiking and walking around, to also cycling and even camping as well. There are many state parks and reservoirs in Park City where one can have a great time, with two of the most important ones being the Echo Reservoir and the Deer Creek State Park, both less than 25 miles from the city.

Image by Sabbath Photography