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Three F’s: Family, Fun, and Free! – Manchester

Planning a staycation and stuck in England? Sure, the London Games are starting soon, but who wants to spend a fortune on tickets? You’ll find that a holiday in the northwest of England will easily save you half of your wallet. Accommodation is much cheaper, as well—from Liverpool to Manchester hotels, the northwest is a holiday your family can afford! Here are five activities that will give your family a fun and free experience in Manchester.


Manchester is packed with year-round festivals that are suitable for all ages! The Manchester Jazz Festival is set to take place this year in July closely followed with the usual food festivals. From music to science and literature, let the atmosphere in Manchester this year take you and your family’s troubles away.


Manchester’s museums and galleries cover a range of interests for families—all for free! From industrial history to modern art and humanistic depictions, you’ll find it all in Manchester. Head over to the Manchester Museum, owned by the University of Manchester, to find galleries based around the themes of archaeology, archery, zoology, and much more. You could also drop by the People’s History Museum to find a collection of information on the history of working people in the UK—learn about British democracy without spending a penny. It doesn’t end here, though, don’t forget to check out the Imperial War Museum North or Museum of Science & Industry.

Family Art Clubs

Family art clubs in Manchester are dedicated to providing a free monthly experience for children aged under 11. They can create, discover, and enjoy galleries dedicated to providing entertainment for families through art. No previous experience is required as there are teachers who help with ideas and help progression.


Manchester has a beautiful range of parks available for families in a relaxed mood. From sparkling lakes to high views of the city, Manchester’s parks will easily occupy a day of family fun. Check out the unmissable Heaton Park with its historical hall and farm and animal centre. Let your children explore the two large playgrounds spread throughout the park and the boating lake available to tourists. It’s just four miles from the city centre, so commuting shouldn’t be a problem for large families.

Queen’s Park is another key visit for families. The park has a café that suits a variety of taste buds and has toilet facilities just around the corner. There’s a children’s playground and a toddler playground for your kids to enjoy while the older folk admires the lake and countryside.

If you need some time off, visit the peaceful Fletcher Moss and Parsonage Gardens. Just unwind and have the day-off of your life—perfect for you and your significant other! Get your children to explore the flowerbeds and enjoy the views from the outdoor-seating café.


Travel around the city centre, full of family-friendly activities, with the free metroshuttle service. The frequent busses stop at major stations and stops and will get you to wherever you want to go in the city centre in no time!

Author Bio: Sohaib Siddique is passionate about experience and adventure travel and works as a freelance writer. When he isn’t around and about, you’ll find him pushing the limits on his bike or stuffing his face with his food obsession.