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Tips for holidays with young kids.

Recently, looking through family photos, I was reminded very vaguely of being very young, and going on amazing holidays with my family. If as an adult this is something I can remember, then surely a holiday with a toddler or young child is not something to become stressed over or worried about, but something which should be embraced and enjoyed.

I can hear the mutters and grumbles now from disgruntled and tired parents, questioning how I could possibly claim such a grand statement, suggesting a holiday with young kids can be stress free? Well, maybe it can, maybe it can’t…but there are certainly a few things you can do to make it more enjoyable along the way – because holiday memories with a young family are irreplaceable.

Keeping them amused.
Keeping young children happy on holiday is important, not just for your kids, but for you. And there will be plenty of occasions where keeping them happy will be a central feature of a holiday. For example, for a plane or car journey, it’s worth having some portable games, bits for drawing, or even just a list of activities such as ‘I-spy’ that you can pull out when necessary. And when you’re there, your actually holiday needn’t be dictated by child-friendly activities – you don’t have to go to Disneyland! (Although that could be fun…) If you’re visiting a new place and want to spend the day exploring, this might not be your toddler’s idea of a great day out, but there are ways to make the activities you want to do more appealing and enjoyable for youngsters. For example, depending on the age of your kids, you could try a disposable camera – perhaps not best to trust a four year old with your fancy equipment and tripod, but taking pictures is a great way to be creative, keep tem occupied and get some unique holiday memories at the same time.

Some essentials.
For holiday travels, days out and days in, there are things you might want to have with you to make sure your young kids don’t get fed up – apart from games. Snacks are always important, and things like dried fruits and juice cartons are particularly good for outings. Regardless of whether you’ve got little ones, another thing to remember is essential first aid equipment- plasters, antiseptic cream, and painkillers, can all be life savers and can make a day out a whole lot more enjoyable for all the family.

What’s your accommodation like?
A flat in the city might be great for a young couple, but for a young family with even younger children, perhaps a cottage in the country or spacious villa would be better options? Self catered holiday homes are great if you are after your own space and independence, rather than being stuck in a hotel room surrounded by other families – or worse, childless couples. In a villa or cottage, there’s lots of space to enjoy time as a family, lounge by and play in the pool. And it doesn’t all have to be action. Having a great view and lots of space can entertain kids, whether that is through taking pictures, drawing the surrounding hills or running about in a giant garden.

Perfect holiday places…
One example of a great holiday location with kids is the beach. Just remember, some good things to take for a seaside holiday are; a beach tent (great for afternoon naps), packed lunches in cooler boxes, lots of sun cream, and rubber rings for paddling. Also,
if your children are really young, and you want to avoid long stressful car or plane journeys, why not find somewhere a bit closer to home for your holiday? If you’re in the UK, for example, you can take the eurostar to France, drive to your nearest seaside area such as parts of Cornwall or Devon, Plymouth or Brighton. Drive to your nearest country park and have a picnic- you can enjoy yourself even if it’s just a day trip. Wherever you are, you’re bound to be near somewhere worthy of a brilliant family holiday.

travel with children
travel with children

So here are just a few of the many things you can do to have a great holiday with your young kids – remember to make the most of it before they become teenagers!

Image by jayceh