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Tips on finding unusual and unique attractions in the amazing capital city of London

Visitors heading to London can venture out on a very strict tourist trail but really they should look for something unique. That way they get to experience a different side of the English capital city and avoid the busy crowds that head to all the major sights. There are many places to go that only Londoners know about but once tourists have been they can pass on the information to other travellers. When in the capital shopping is obviously high on the agenda for most visitors and they will naturally head to Oxford Street and Knightsbridge. Similarly, to when tourists go to Harrods to not buy anything they can also head to the wonderful Burlington Arcade, which has been selling expensive products since 1818.

This passageway of shops is found in Piccadilly and sells all sorts of things that a gentleman or lady would need in everyday life. Another great place to head is near the Old Bailey where there are the church bells of St Sepulchre-without-Newgate. Here there’s a large bell that used to be rung to mark executions at the nearby Newgate Prison. The Execution Bell is kept in a glass case in the church’s nave. Another interesting part of the church is a public water fountain, which was the first of its kind built in 1859 to provide clean drinking water. There were a further 85 that were built around the city up until 1865 to promote good health.

A lovely part of London is the River Thames and on the south side on Bear Gardens is a stone chair that was a ferryman’s seat. This was where the watermen used to wait for their passengers to take them across the water and is a wonderful place to visit. York House, on the Strand, was built in 1237 and home to the Duke of Buckingham. It is no longer there but there is still the mansion’s Thames Watergate that remains. Another beautiful destination to head to is The Roof Gardens in Kensington High Street. This attraction is full of amazing flowers and fruit trees, as well as fish and flamingos with a bar and popular restaurant.


Wilton’s Music Hall is also an impressive destination near Tower Hill that offers live shows and has the famous Mahogany Bar. There are many more examples of these types of places to visit but travellers should definitely hit the tourist trail and then try some of these destinations. Staying in London it’s very crucial to find a wonderful place to stay that is close to transport networks and a number of its famous attractions. A good choice is the Mowbray Hotel in Earls Court that offers a range of fabulous rooms for travellers to enjoy.

The luxury accommodation is found near Earls Court tube station that lets tourists travel around easily to many sights and landmarks. The residence is housed in three stunning Victorian townhouses that interconnect. The lodgings have many restaurants and cafes outside its door, but travellers should definitely try out the on-site Diana Restaurant that provides a tasty continental breakfast with fruit juice, fresh croissants and cereals. The excellent rooms have Wi-Fi internet that is great for checking emails. This residence is perfect for large groups as there are family and triple size rooms for guests to share.