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Tips To Climb Kilimanjaro Safely

Mountain Kilimanjaro is located in Tanzania and is Africa’s tallest Mountain peak. Climbing Mountain Kilimanjaro is not just a great experience it also offers beautiful interaction with nature. On your way to ascending the mountain, you are guaranteed a great view of the beautiful African grassland filled with animals such as zebras, antelope, and gazelles grazing leisurely on the vast savannah making it a great sight to behold.

Mount Kilimanjaro does not require technical climbing like other Mountains such as Mount Everest. It doesn’t require you to carry your crampons, oxygen tank and ice picks that come with technical mountain climbing. However, it is still a serious enough climb that requires careful planning and consideration. In addition to that, and not only due to the pandemic, but you might also have a hard time reaching it through regular flights, so private jet charters are probably the best way to go on about it. Read more about the best services, at the moment.


Any mountain climber will tell you that even the simplest climbs of any mountain require great body preparation in terms of fitness because your body is going to need it especially when acclimatizing to the cold dry mountain air during the climb. One can prepare their body by doing HIIT (high-intensity interval training) sessions of a cardio routine to get your lungs in shape because your body is going to work extra hard to ensure enough oxygen circulation during the climb. Mountain air is thinner with less oxygen available.

Choose a route

Select a route before the actual climb. There are different routes used to ascend the mountain but Kandoo Adventures and other such companies that take you to the summit suggest the Machame route. Machame route is the steepest but also the most scenic. If you are going to use this route ensure you have the appropriate gear for the climb especially favorable clothing as temperatures can get to low degrees particularly at night. Lemosho route begins in the West side of the mountain and crosses from Shira Ridge to the Shira Camp. After the camp, it joins up the Machame route through Lava Tower, Barranco and Barafu circuit. The are other routes such as Shiira, Marangu and the Nothern Circuit route respectively. Choose the one that best suits you as an individual.

Select a Guide

It is important to have a guide during your climb. The worst thing that can happen to any mountain climber is getting lost during your climb. It is advisable to invest in a guide as it ensures you enjoy the climb and leave the planning schematics of the routes to a trained professional who has vast knowledge of the mountain and knows how to survive on the mountain. It’s also a great idea to have porters who will help you with your luggage especially if you are a first time climber as it can get quite difficult to breathe during your ascent as your body adapts to the mountain air this may leave one fatigued and it would be great if someone else was caring your backpack. During your ascent take it slow and go at a pace you are comfortable with. It is important to remember that at the time your body will be working overtime because its not used to the present climatic conditions. So pace yourself, listen to your body if you need to take a rest once in a while, do so, ask your guides to stop occasionally lest you end up suffering from attitude sickness, and not be able to complete your climb.