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Top 10 Things to Photograph in Barcelona

There are hundreds of amazing things to see and do in Barcelona – but you’d need a six-month stay in this incredible city to see all of it.

However, we’ve picked ten of the best things to visit and photograph in Barcelona that you can do in a single day.

We’ve designed a handy map to help you make your way around the city without getting lost. The walking time of the tour is approximately four hours and forty five minutes, leaving time to get snap happy and stop off for lunch along the way.

Photo 1. Parc Guell

Designed largely by Gaudi, Parc Guell is a sight not to be missed. It originally stood on a near-derelict hillside with little vegetation, but was transformed by the iconic style of Gaudi.

Mosaic tiling is the defining feature of Parc Guell, with a tiled dragon guarding the entrance to the park. The hallmarks of Gaudi are dotted everywhere, particularly evident on the ceilings of the main terrace.

Numerous fountains, a viaduct, the main terrace and Gaudi’s own house which he lived in from 1906-1926 are just a few of the wonderfully crafted architectural pieces on show.

Photo 2 – Sagrada Familia

Another one of Gaudi’s masterpieces, Sagrada Familia is probably Barcelona’s most recognisable landmark.

Work to complete the colossal Roman Catholic church began in 1882 and is still yet to be completed due to a number of gaps in history where work was halted.

The completion date for works is scheduled for 2026 to mark the centenary of Gaudi’s passing. However, snapping the enormous church in its current state is still rather awe inspiring.

Photo 3 – Casa Mila

Casa Mila was designed by Gaudi and built between 1905-1912. It was purpose built for Pere Mila and Roser Segimon, a considerably wealthy couple of the time, and exhibits some fantastic architectural pieces.

At the time it was built, Casa Mila was met with its fair share of controversy, owed mainly to its bizarre shape and garish iron balconies.

Casa Mila may not be one of the most popular landmarks to photograph in Barcelona, but its quirky facade and impressive internal atrium, allowing views to the heavens, makes it one not to be missed.

Photo 4 – Casa Battlo

Although Gaudi didn’t personally design Casa Battlo when it was built in 1887, he played a huge part in remodelling it.

What we see today is typically Gaudi. Out there designs, colours, windows, roofs – you name it, Gaudi has certainly lent his hand to this one.

Many believe that the arching roof is reminiscent of a dragon. The sheer asymmetry of the building makes it a truly awesome design and one perhaps that’s slipped off the radar of the tourist masses.

Photo 5 – Las Rambla

Las Rambla is one of the most popular tourist hotspots and is one of the major things to do in Barcelona – and with good reason.

Day or night, this 1.2km street is bustling with people looking to soak up the atmosphere. You’ll find intricate artwork built into the walkway, a plethora of street performers and some of the most chic bars, cafes and restaurants you’re likely to see.

It’s hugely popular with both locals and tourists alike and it’s not hard to see why.

Photo 6 – Museu Picasso

Architecturally, Museu Picasso is a wonderfully crafted building – not designed by Gaudi for a change.

It houses over 3,500 works by the renowned artist and on display are two of his most prominent pieces – Science and Charity and The First Communion from 1897 and 1896 respectively.

The works are spread across five medieval palaces and each one has its own distinguishable design. Forget the canvases, the building is a work of art in itself!

Photo 7 – The Columbus Monument

Standing at 60m tall, the Columbus Monument stands proudly overlooking Barcelona’s Mediterranean port – the place Columbus returned from his voyage to the Americas.

Designed by Gaietà Buigas i Monravà, construction on the project started in 1882 and was completed in time for Spain’s first international exposition, Exposición Universal de Barcelona, in 1888.

A popular myth is that Columbus’ hand is pointing toward his home city of Genoa in Italy. However, the direction of his hand points more toward Morocco than anywhere else.

Photo 8 – Montjuic Castle

Standing at over 170m above sea level, Montjuic Castle is located at the summit of Montjuic Mountain.

The original fortification dates back to 1640 but has been demolished, rebuilt, modified and enhanced countless times since then.

It’s not just the castle itself that’s worth the visit – there are tens of interesting and photo-worthy opportunities dotted all the way up the mountain.

Photo 9 – Santa Maria Pedralbes

Dating back to the 14th century, the monastery offers a wealth of architectural beauty for visitors to enjoy and snap.

It’s aesthetically pleasing from the exterior, but it’s the interior where the real delights can be found.

Probably the best known of all the delights within is the Catalan gothic tomb of Elisenda de Montcada, Queen Consort of Aragon, who founded the monastery in 1326 with her husband James II of Aragon.

Photo 10 – Tibidabo

The summit of Mount Tibidabo stands 512m above sea level and overlooks the entire city of Barcelona – offering some wonderful photo opportunities of Barcelona and the surrounding coastline.

The mountain is home to an amusement park (bizarrely), however, the most impressive draw is the huge Roman Catholic Church at the peak of Tibidabo.

Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cor, or The Expiatory Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in English, was designed by Enric Sagnier and construction lasted nearly 60 years from 1902.


A – J correlate with 1 – 10 on the list, with A being 1 and J being 10. All of these landmarks are reachable via public transport, however, it may be more fun to walk – which will take roughly 4 hours and 45 minutes.

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Enjoy Barcelona!