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Top 3 Tourist’s Attractions in Dubai

Dubai is the most sought after destination of Middle East therefore an impressive number of tourists land here to experience luxuries imbedded with traditional Arab culture. Be it for jobs, business, vacations, or shopping, Dubai promises to offer the best of all. Since the state is a regular stop for business executives, celebrities and important international figures, various high ranked hotels and accommodation facilities are Dubai’s signature.

Beside such high ranked hotels, Dubai is home to various excellent restaurants, cafes and dining spots plus huge shopping malls, indoor recreational centres and of course warm beaches. All of these factors combine to make Dubai part of the top 10 holiday destinations of the world. The top tourists’ attractions in Dubai are subjected to individual preferences therefore I have chosen the top 3 things to do in Dubai that receive more attention.

Desert Safari

Through Desert Safari, Dubai has put Sahara Desert to the best of its use. Using the 4×4 rides to leap over the massive sand dunes is so unlike the regular theme of desert trips. The rush of using the open space for exhibiting your riding skills is so popular among the tourists that quad bikes and skateboards have now joined the thrill squad to entertain the increasing number of tourists interested in Desert Safari. Sailing through these dunes, spread across the Arabian Desert for as far you can see, would be an experience of a lifetime. There are fat chances that as soon as you will plan your next vacation, Desert Safari will call you back to Dubai.

Ski Dubai

It is true that it does not snow in Dubai but it does not at all mean that you cannot enjoy winter sports here. Even when it is 45 °C outside, there is one spot in the state, called Ski Dubai, where you can do skiing, tobogganing, and snowboarding. This real snow spread over an area of 22500 square feet offers professional as well as amateur ski space to everyone who wants an escape from the busy city life. This indoor resort was opened in 2005 and has a black run, 5 slopes, and a quarter pipe of 90 meters. Ski Dubai is very popular among the locals and the tourists from Asia, Australia, Africa, and Arab and among those who wish to beat the summer heat of the Emirates.

Dubai Shopping Festival

Shopping in Dubai is one of the biggest attractions for the tourists from all around the world. This festival pulls over 3 million people from all around the world to Dubai during January and February each year. The event lasts for slightly over a month and generates revenue worth billions of dollars for the state’s economy. Some of the major events of the shopping festival include Dubai Fashion Week, Aqua Show, Sound and Light Show, food festival, carnivals, fireworks, shows for children and sports events.

Author Biography:

William king is the director of houses in Dubai and Palm Jumeirah apartments. Being an entrepreneur and a passionate blogger he likes to share his expertise and knowledge by writing for various related blogs.