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Top 3 ultimate travel experiences in Chile

Chile is one of the most geographically diverse countries in the world. Stretching north-to-south for nearly 3,000 miles, it contains different climates and geographical types: rainforest, tundra, desert, Mediterranean-style scrub, and many others. This makes the country an excellent stop for anyone who is at all interested in the outdoors and nature. In addition to this, Chile contains tourist hot-spots that rival the best that other Latin American countries have to offer. Let us look at just three of the sites – both natural and man made – to see while you’re in Chile.

1). Pucón

Pucón is a small city in the southern part of Chile, located on the shores of Lake Caburga. It’s quite a cute, quaint little place, with a variety of tourist-trap places that you can go and visit. The truly great thing about this small town, however, is its location. Directly across the lake, you can find the Villarica volcano and all its attendant national parks. You can also look for other trails, fishing spots, and spectacular vistas nearby and there are plenty of resources there to help you find them.

2). Valparaiso

Though the capital of Santiago has some truly attractive sites – such as the Cerro Santa Lucia fort – Valparaiso is, overall, the more attractive of the two. Located on the Pacific Ocean, Valparaiso was the capital of Chile for many years, and the architecture of the area reflects that infrastructure. The streets and hillside houses of the greater metropolitan area have a charming colonial feel to them that make walking tours of the area greatly rewarding, as do the numerous plazas and walking streets. And, if you feel the need for a dip or some sun, you can find some of the most impressive beaches on that side of the Pacific in very close proximity, such as Reñaca.

Cerro Concepcion

Chile Holidays are not complete without a visit to those beaches.

3). Easter Island

Though most people don’t think of Easter Island as being part of Chile – they, most likely, don’t even think about Chile at all – it is. And, all things said and done, it is a truly spectacular locale, and Chile Holidays are not complete without a tour of this place. Situated about 1,300 miles off the coast of Chile, it is a volcanic island, comprised of three extinct volcanoes. Among the most easily recognisable features of the island are the mysterious statues, or moais, which litter the island. There are other remnants of the original inhabitants, such as cave paintings, which are a feast for the eyes.