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Top 5 Experiences in Bali, Lombok

The number of attractions available to visitors on Bali Holidays is extensive. Water sports include fishing, diving and surfing. Individuals enjoying the outdoors also appreciate the chance for taking treks or having wildlife encounters.

Scuba Diving

Many contemplating a Bali holiday wish to go to the island for the pleasure of scuba diving in the warm Indian Ocean. Between Bali, Lombok and the surrounding areas, there are over one dozen diving locations prized for the presence of coral reefs, a variety of marine life and the chance to explore a sunken shipwreck. Embarking on dive excursions requires that passengers have certification. Dive companies also offer scuba lessons that progress to certification. Individuals might also acquire advanced diving certification, instructor training or learn the art of underwater photography.


Whether you are an avid surfer or a complete novice, the waters around Bali endure the perfect conditions for surfers of all experience levels. Skilled surfers paddle out to the reef breaks in anticipation of suitable waves. Novice and complete beginners commonly take advantage of the calmer waters found in local lagoons. Surf shops provide all the necessary gear or offer lessons. From May until October, surfers step up the sport by engaging in kite surfing. The adrenaline pumping activity appeals to anyone with an urge to fly and combines the techniques of riding the waves with wakeboarding and windsurfing.

Climbing Mount Rinjani

Adventure seekers enjoying their Bali holidays often venture to the nearby Lombok Island for the pleasure of scaling the second largest mountain in Indonesia. The summit stands 12,224 feet (3,726 meters) above sea level in the Gunung Rinjani National Park. The location offers spectacular landscape and views. Once reaching the summit, climbers receive the reward of seeing the crescent shaped Crater Lake in addition to the panoramic views of the island.

Elephant Safari 

Deforestation affects a number of wildlife species including that of the Sumatran elephant. Safari parks provide a home for the jungle refugees while providing the pachyderms with much needed stimulation and equipping the public with a fun and educational experience. Guests have the chance to watch the care provided the elephants and the many talents the animals possess. Facilities additionally offer the opportunity for an unforgettable nature exploration experience while riding high on an elephant’s back.

Spa Treatments


While many prefer exhilarating activities during Holidays to Bali, at some point relaxation provides welcome relief. Bali spas offer a large number of treatments that include everything from deep tissue massage, facials and relaxing baths to refreshing body masques, scrubs and wraps. The locations for enjoying a rejuvenating treatment also vary from one’s hotel room, the facility spa centre or on the beach.