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Top Four Family Fun Sites and Sights in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh features some of the richest cultural history in the country. Many of the steel barrons of old, such as Carnegie Mellon, invested heavily in the local arts and culture scene. That means families today can enjoy the many institutions and sites that they invested in.

Of course, your family fun time won’t be limited to classical arts. There are plenty of modern amenities to enjoy as well.

Get everyone into the RV rental for a whirlwind of family bonding. Let’s go over four of the best family fun-time activities in and around Pittsburgh

Visit the Carnegie Museums

Carnegie Mellon was one of the richest people in history. He spent much of his wealth on museums, including an Arts, Natural History, and Science museum.

The Natural History Museum, in particular, is among the most well-regarded museums in the country. However, all three of these museums make for a fantastic afternoon trip. Just chose the one you and your family is most interested in.

If you’re looking for a less traditional museum, consider the Toonseum, which features a large collection of comic and cartoon related arts and artifacts. There’s also the well-regarded Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh that’s more kid-focused.

Kennywood Amusement Park

The Kennywood Amusement park offers a variety of roller coasters, amusement rides, and other family-oriented attractions. Kennywood also hosts a variety of holiday-themed events, such as Holiday Light Shows, Halloween Happy Hauntings and more.

A local favorite is the Ghostwood Estate ride, where you and the kids can use your blasters to strike haunted creatures. The Phantom’s Revenge roller coaster is also considered one of the best in the world.

Have fun at a football game and tailgate

Football is an important part of Pittsburgh’s culture, and the city is home to one of the most popular NFL franchises, the Steelers. The University of Pittsburgh also fields the Panther’s college football team. Both teams play at the beautiful Heinz Field.

Checking out a football game can be a great experience for the whole family. There are also opportunities to pop out a grill and play yard games at the tailgates around Heinz Field and on the University of Pittsburgh’s campus.

For many fans, the tailgate is just as much fun as the game itself.

Check out Pittsburgh’s “Wild Side”

Pittsburgh is home to the National Aviary, which is one of the world’s biggest and best aviaries. The National Aviary houses over two hundred species of birds and over six hundred birds in total. If you or anyone in the family is a fan of bird watching, the National Aviary is hard to beat.

The Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium is home to around 500 species of animals and is one of the more well-known zoos in the country.  There’s a Kid’s Kingdom that is especially great for small children. There are also animals on site from essentially every major climate and ecosystem.

Looking for something more natural? Consider a day at Point State Park, which is one of the most popular parks in the Appalachian region.

Final thought

You’ve got plenty of Pittsburgh choices. Pittsburgh has evolved into a leading technology and cultural hub. This mountain gem of a city offers tons of fun for the whole family. Whether you’re looking to indulge in history, nature, or whatever else, you’re sure to find something you’ll enjoy.