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Top Reasons Why You Should Travel To Malaysia Now

Flying to Malaysia should be included in your bucket list because of various reasons. Malaysia is a melting pot of different cultures and this country has lots to offer.

Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur

Thus, here are some of the reasons that you will make you book a trip to Malaysia:

Continuous Development

Kuala Lumpur is popular as it is a first-class city. But the surrounding areas are still traditional. Here, you can find a perfect mixture of the old and the new culture. The prominent and new buildings still feature the design from the Malay architecture which can create eclectic monuments. The majority of the Malaysian landscape is transitioning from traditional to modern designs. Visit Malaysia now and talk to your trusted tour guides. Stay in a family suite hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and it surprises you with the constant development while you discover.

Delicious Food

One of the highlights of your trip to Malaysia is the food. Because of the various cultures in Malaysia, you can find unique food that will satisfy your taste buds. In ancient times, this country is one of the designated stops during the spice trade.

With this, the local food will highlight the flavors which are known all around the world. You can find Korean or Indian breakfast or a Nyonya lunch in the country.

Diverse Culture

For centuries, there are multitudes of Asian ethnicities that have settled in Malaysia. They have formed their special blends and distinctive culture that sets them apart with other countries. With the increase in globalization, it has continued to diversify the culture of the country. The culture is celebrated and expressed harmoniously that empowers it as a beautiful city.


One of the most interesting things to do in Malaysia is listening to Malaysians when they converse. The majority of the locals have a habit of alternating the languages they know. This is known as code-switching. They use their mother tongue with Malay and English terms. If you pay close attention, you can catch words from other dialects that have paved its way into Malaysia’s local vernacular.

Trekking in the Rainforest

In Malaysia, you can find the oldest jungles in the country, more ancient than the jungle of the Amazon. The island of Borneo is also a part of Malaysia which contains Sarawak and Sabah. Malaysia is home to the ancient natural world. There are also areas which are available for trekking. This is a nice place to conquer especially for adventurous travellers.

Unique Tradition

While the Malaysians are modern and urbanized, the majority still adheres to their tradition which is passed down from communities and families. If you observe, you will find out that these traditions are still practiced. You can find families praying before their meals. There are younger generations that serve their elders before they eat their meals. This unique tradition holds Malaysia firmly.

Various Religions

The amalgam of races and cultures can start a myriad of religions. In Malaysia, you can find the country filled with temples influenced by Hindu, Muslim, or Buddhist religion. Stay in the family suite hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and be amazed by the secrets that you discover in the country. The Batu Cave Temples or the Hindu shrines dedicated to Lord Murugan have captured the interest of the international audience.