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Travel Safety 101: The Most Dangerous Places To Visit In The World and How To Be Safe

Travelling can be an extremely exciting experience; however, in some areas of the world it can be downright dangerous. With varying cultures, customs, and environmental conditions, as well as underlying issues related to drugs and crime, there are some cities and even entire countries that require tourists to exercise extreme caution. The following are a few dangerous places as well as some essential travel tips to keep you safe.

Acapulco, Mexico

Over the past several years, Acapulco has been considered the most violent city in Mexico — in just one month last year, over 450 people were killed. While still an extremely popular tourist destination, there have been many recent incidents involving international visitors. The city is rampant with drugs and gangs. Criminal activity has begun to spread to areas frequented by travellers, including hotels, beaches, clubs, and markets.


Guatemala has been considered one of the most dangerous places for several years now. Fortunately, the type of crime has changed and now robberies are most frequent. However, it is still wise to be prepared for any type of altercation, including pickpocketing, bag snatching, scams, and ATM robberies.


Antarctica is certainly a travel destination like no other, and that includes its sometimes harsh and unforgiving climate and conditions. The hostile environment is difficult to travel through and boat travel is a common but risky way to get around — and sure to cause sea-sickness. Whilst on the peninsula, the icy landscape is slippery and many accident-prone travellers have been victims of sometimes serious injuries. The extreme cold is also a major concern for tourists. During the nights, temperatures drop well below freezing and exposed extremities or not wearing enough layers could have serious consequences.

Cleveland, USA

From reports of theft in East Cleveland to extremely high rates of all types of crime in Midtown, Cleveland is a tourist destination that requires that the traveller uses common sense and takes the appropriate safety precautions. Some modes of public transport stop running after 7 p.m., which results in increased crimes committed by the homeless that reside downtown.

Myanmar (Burma)

While Myanmar is extremely safe in terms crime and rates of incidents against travellers are extremely low, the country does have some safety issues to be wary of. For instance, transportation infrastructure is generally in disrepair with many roads and pavements that are bad enough to cause motor accidents or injuries to pedestrians. Additionally, tap water is best avoided and food preparation techniques are not as effective as those in the western world at preventing foodborne illnesses and diarrhea. Lastly, Myanmar has an abundance of poisonous and perhaps deadly animals — rabies as well as snake and insect bites are a concern.

Caracas, Venezuela

This capital city is and has been the in the centre of a long drug battle. The busy city has a high crime rate and theft and muggings are common among travellers. In fact, foreigners are often targeted and unfortunately there are so many crimes that few actually proceed to trials and convictions of the perpetrators. An even scarier statistic, Venezuela is well-known for murder and kidnapping, both of which are some of the highest rates in the world and actually on the rise. A specific concern for potential visitors is express kidnap, a new and frightening phenomenon that involves short-term abductions that force victims to empty their bank accounts.

New Delhi, India

There are many dangers for people travelling to New Delhi. With past incidences of rape and murder, if you travel to the area it is advised to take extreme caution. Scammers are rampant throughout the city, always looking for unsuspecting travellers trying to make an extra buck or two. Begging and pickpocketing is common, especially close to commonly frequented tourist destinations like hotels.

Safety Tips

Be sure to only use ATMs in the company of someone trusted and try to avoid dim areas, many of which are targeted by street gangs. It is fairly easy to determine which specific neighbourhoods to avoid — do research before travelling or ask trustworthy locals for advice.

Be aware of common tricks or traps; people may drop something in front of you, ask for directions, or even pass out flyers that have been laced with potent drugs and poisons. While this is not always the case, cheaper accommodations, car rentals, modes of transport are most likely the more dangerous ones and should be avoided if you can afford it. In some areas, even airports are really dangerous and they may be filled with fake airport officials and drug traffickers just waiting for vulnerable and unaware tourists.

Most importantly, remember, while travelling, to always let friends and family back home know your whereabouts, use common sense, and trust your instincts.

About the author:

Dean Cooper is the general manager at Broome-Time Accommodation. Having worked in both larger establishments and boutique hotels it’s fair to say dean has a passion for the industry. Dean likes to travel when he has some free time and often frequents both of Australia’s coasts to visit his family. Dean also takes an active interest in Broome’s community and has started many publications both on and offline to keep the community up to date and engaged in all things Broome. Socialising is a key focus for dean outside of work and he often arranges gatherings with friends from both inside and outside of the industry.