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With the many developments that have changed the world over the past number of years, it is now easier than ever to experience life the way it is lived in another part of the world. Cheaper air travel and the internet mean that if you want to talk to people overseas, spend some time in their country, or just learn a little bit about them, it can all be done with little effort or expense.
On the other side of that coin, the ease with which we can now communicate and meet with people from different cultures brings with it a responsibility – and this responsibility is all the more serious when it comes to actually traveling to another country. People will look at you with greater respect and will work harder to make you feel welcome if you are prepared to live by their rules while in their country.
This does not really need to extend very far beyond trying to speak the language (if you can), dressing in a way which is suitable for their laws and customs, and observing their standards of living. In addition, if you keep in mind that you are viewed to some extent in terms of your nationality, you should try to be a good ambassador for your country.
To add to this, you should always be polite and try and learn something from the way that people in your host country conduct themselves. It’s not the case that your traditions are wrong and theirs right, but reaching out a hand of co-operation is something that doesn’t cost you anything and can win you a lot of friends in a new country.

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