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Vacation Escapes – The Dutch Way in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, which is famous for its artistic heritage, is the capital of the Netherland, the land of Netherlanders, which are often referred as Dutch peoples. The city is also famous for its 400km of cycle paths.

Best Time to Visit

The month of July and August are the best times to visit Amsterdam. For the beautiful blossom of tulips which is a symbol of Dutch culture, April to early May is the most suitable times.


Amsterdam has an oceanic weather because if the canals and the three main canals are Prinsengracht, Herengracht, and Keizersgracht. The winters and summers here are considered as mild and somewhat cool.  Amsterdam lies in USDA Hardiness; the ice occurs because of the northeasterly winds comes from the inner European continent.

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Things to do in Amsterdam as Netherlanders

Canal Cruise

The canal was introduced in the 17th century looks incredibly prettier in both day and night. At night the fairy lights get set up at the bridges and the whole place gives a magical feel. This time is great for floating along the canals and is a great way to enjoy the feel of this place. You can choose from several canals and know the fascinating facts about the city.


Getting Beer at a Windmill

The most easily to visit is the De Gooyer Windmill Amsterdam, which is one of the eight remaining windmills. Other than being a windmill, it has a large outdoor drinking terrace. It produces the Ale beer commercially, which is a sweet, fruity tasting beer in itself.


Cycling in Amsterdam

The Amsterdam is famous for the bikes; there are over 8000 of bikes and the supreme cycle routes. This way it is known for the world’s most cycle-friendly cities. Other than peddling there is no better way of exploring the city. So you can join the cycling in Amsterdam.


Visit Jordaan in Amsterdam

The Jordaan area is famous for art galleries, the narrow streets and old-fashioned buildings, antique shops, bars and restaurants, all the thing give the feel of old times.

Park life in Amsterdam

The city has over 30 parks that are most suitable spots for the picnics in Amsterdam. These parks have their own value in the culture of Amsterdam.  The Vondelpark, which is spread over 47 acres, is great for outdoor theatres and live concerts in summer; it is a good place having bars, restaurants and other attractions too.

Markets of Amsterdam

Visit the Amsterdam’s market before leaving the city; you should give a visiting to the markets of the city. The market sells many unique things as the antiques, traditional things, clothes every day in the city. The Albert Cuyp Market is a widely known market in the city. This would be an unforgettable experience.

The EYE across the IJ

You can also visit the IJ, a bay in North Holland; it is the Amsterdam’s most iconic landmarks behind Central Station. The white building was introduced in Spring 2012.