VIP Plus Worldwide

VIP Plus Worldwide

The VIP Plus Collection showcases hotels, resorts, destinations and other luxury products through an interactive HD film platform, allowing you to tailor make a request while viewing it through film.

VIP Plus is a fantastic and dynamic tool for promoting hotels. We are the frontrunner in providing web based HD films and a unique behavioral marketing system, which can operate as a standalone film player or be integrated into existing websites.

The HD film player allows the browser to view every room category and individual feature of a property using a collection of high definition film clips, showcasing the property and engaging the viewer in a way that still photography cannot. A customised version of the player is also placed onto the websites of the hotel’s key representation and travel industry networks, who add a link to the film player next to each hotel’s description. The films and text are all synchronised with the main platform, so any changes made, are live on a global level.

Behind the visual ‘front end’ lies an innovative behavioural marketing system. This system utilises an email login and records every movement of the viewer, creating a unique user profile. The automated system then allows you to segment your target audience and communicate with them in a very specific way with live data. This can be handled by the company’s marketing team or the VIP Plus Account Managers.

What makes VIP Plus unique is our experience in film production, using the most state of the art equipment to create a collection of HD Films which showcase a property. Added to this the VIP Plus platform is built specifically for Google TV which is the biggest revolution in technology since the birth of the internet. Google TV will open up the potential audience to an anticipated 4 billion users. No other creative company is prepared for Google TV, which will transform the way in which people use the internet.

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