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Visit Nyika National Park, at the heart of Malawi!

When you are visiting Malawi there is several places that you can go to really experience the true culture and essence of the country. Nyika National Park is one such place and is proudly the biggest and the oldest National Park in Malawi. The park has been open since 1965 and boasts an impressive 3000 square kilometres of land.

One of the best things to see whilst you’re visiting the park is the Nyika Plateau. The Plateau consists of massive hills covered with pine forest and beautiful valleys. It provides breathtaking scenery and many incredible photo opportunities. If you’ve come to Malawi to see the wildlife then you won’t be disappointed by coming to the park. You’ll have ample chances to see animals like zebras, antelopes, leopards and hyenas, all in their natural habitat.

Nyika National Park offers accommodation on site so you can stay for as long as you want and have plenty of time to discover the area. There is always such a huge range of visitors to the park that you’ll also have plenty of opportunity to practice your Chichewa language skills. One of the best ways to get the most out of your stay is to hire a guide from the park who will assist you with all Chichewa translation and will show you everything that you desire to see. If you don’t like to keep your feet on the ground then you can also charter a pilot guide to show you the park from up above.

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At the very heart of all that happens in Nyika National Park is conservation, community, culture and commerce. As a visitor to the park you will be able to get involved with all four and learn a great deal about how the four things co-exist together in this amazing space. Nature based tourism is a great way to promote sustainable growth in Africa and at the Nyika National Park you are invited to get involved. To experience the real heart of Africa, come to Malawi and see it for yourself!